Polarity Wall

Polarity Wall
Cole using Polarity Wall
User/s: Cole MacGrath
Mission gained: "Light in the Tunnel"
Location obtained: Empire City
Attributed to: Electromagnetism
Upgradeable: Yes
Appears in: InFamous

Polarity Wall is one of Cole MacGrath's powers in InFamous.


Polarity Wall 2

Using Polarity Wall while Grinding.

This power allows Cole to create an electromagnetic force field to protect himself from most forms of harm. Except for shotguns, the shield is almost completely impervious to gunfire, though it only blocks in the direction the camera is facing. While it's not strong enough to withstand explosives, Polarity Wall is quite effective against turrets and their mobile counterparts. The Polarity wall can also be used to block certain powers of Conduits, such as the Golem Conduits' "Gatling Gun" attack and Kessler's Lightning Bolt.

Cole can do anything while using the shield except attack (with the exception of Lightning Storm and Thunder Drop), which includes moving, jumping, gliding, climbing and grinding, making it useful to use in enemy-infested areas. The target reticle is used to control what direction the shield is facing, allowing Cole to move in any direction while blocking incoming attacks from any other direction. Polarity Wall can be upgraded to allow blocked damaged to be converted into energy, and to increase the size of the area covered.


Upgrade Rank Cost Description
1st n/a 1600 XP Converts blocked damage into energy.
2nd n/a 3000 XP Increased size of the wall


  • Weapons that can penetrate the shield are bazookas, grenades and shotgun ammo.
  • The wall cannot block stones thrown at you by Angry Mobs.
  • The appearance of the shield depends on the players current Karma, as the Good Karma shield will appear as energy, while the Evil Karma shield will have thorns.
  • Polarity Wall was replaced with Frost Shield in InFamous 2.
  • The wall can reduce or even prevent the damage from explosions caused by Mad Bombers.
  • The wall can completely defend against Kessler's Lightning Pillars, but only if the player isn't moving.