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Drain telephone

Cole draining a telephone.

Power Sources are the main way for many Conduits to recharge their powers during the events of both InfamousInfamous 2, Infamous: Second Son, and Infamous: First Light. The sources can be found almost everywhere in Empire City, New Marais and Seattle and are mainly used for two purposes when freeroaming: restoring energy and restoring health faster.

Power sources show up on Cole's GPS as small blue lightning bolts and disappear when drained, at least until the power source is regenerated.

Power sources are all over Seattle in InFamous: Second son, and when you get a new power, a new power source is found.

Drainable objects

Street lights

Light poles are one of the most common drainable objects in the two infamous games, they are a high object and can be destroyed easily, but can't be lifted with the kinetic pulse, they have a medium amount of energy.


Cars are the most common drainable object of all drainable objects, the can be blown up and lifted with kinetic pulse, they have a low amount of energy.

Vertical launch poles

The vertical launch poles are rare drainable objects in Infamous 2 which also can be used for climbing shortcuts pretty much like power cables, just going upwards instead, they have a medium amount of energy.


If Fences are shot with the free electricity Cole can produce in Infamous 1 then the fence will gain an electrical charge that can be drained. This might be intentional or a really nice exploit.

Water plus civilians/enemies

If you knock a person into water in InFamous and InFamous 2 and stand in the water the people will become listlessly charged with electricity.

Neon Signs

When the game reaches nighttime after Delsin gains the Neon powers from Abigail, he can absorb Neon from signs all over Seattle.


Many houses have a chimney with Smoke, and Delsin can drain the smoke from them.


  • The color of the electricity drained will change depending on Cole's Karma rating.
  • Delsin is the only Conduit so far to have more than one power source.