Powering Up Flood Town is the 21st story mission in the game in which Cole MacGrath returns power to the ruined side of the town, and thus meets the Vermaak 88 ice men, and is on the Hunt for the fleeing Bertrand.

Description[edit | edit source]

Persuing Bertrand[edit | edit source]

Having just defeated the Behemoth, Cole begins the mission with the intention of following Bertrand who had just fled to Flood Town. He starts by locating an electrical transformer in an alleyway and fires a Tesla Missile to the dead transformer on the bridge to Flood Town. After reaching the transformer situated on top of the bridge, Cole is oddly met with no resistance as he resets power to the bridge and lowers it so he can access Flood Town. While he works Cole talks with Laroche about the Flood and Flood Town's former life as a district called Bellevue.

A Cold Confrontation[edit | edit source]

As Cole crosses the bridge for the next transformer he is met by two Vermaak 88 soldiers who land in front of him and proclaim that flood town is theirs and demand that he leave, after which they immediately attack Cole. Zeke calls him during this confrontation and informs him of the Vermaak's activities ever since his electric friend inadvertently freed them. Cole fights his way through the Vermaak soldiers in order to reach the next transformer and must defend it against waves of light Vermaak soldiers that try to attack and disable the transformer.

As Cole works to power up the third transformer he is called by which ever person he didn't choose to use the Power Transfer Device with in Storm the Fort (Kuo or Nix) Nix will scold him for not choosing her but in the end says she will stay but Cole should never make a mistake like that again. Kuo will simply state that she accepts what happened as it is (while still treating it as a mistake Cole made) and that they should just keep focusing on the tasks at hand.

To complete the mission, Cole must restart a total of four transformers (counting the one to lower the bridge) under these conditions after which the power is fully restored and the mission is finished.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After completing this mission Cole has complete access to the North Island of New Marais although the power is still down in the Gas Works district.
  • This mission can be considered the easiest of the powering up missions because of all the standing water around that Cole can use to easily dispatch enemies.
  • Between activating the first substation on the bridge an firing the second Tesla Missile, both Flood Town and Gas Works will be completely absent of enemies allowing for free exploration.

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InFamous 2 Walkthrough - Mission 23- Powering Up Flood Town Gameplay -HD-

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