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Precision is a power used in Infamous and Infamous 2.


Acquired during No Protection in InFamous and Good Gets Better in InFamous 2. The ability allows Cole to zoom in on targets and more accurately fire his lightning bolts. In addition to allowing Cole to bring electric death to his enemies with greater power as well as precision, and do so at a greater distance, time itself will seem to slow down as he utilizes this power.

It is unclear exactly how Cole does this, but it may have something to do with him heightening his senses by "overcharging" certain areas of the brain. In addition to being more accurate, Cole's firing range is vastly increased, to the point where he can hit almost anything he can see, as opposed to the regular lightning bolts.


Using Precision on a Dust Man.

Precision tends to be the primary method of long-range combat once obtained given the increased accuracy and range for attacks. It does not, however, work with more than the standard ranged attack. This ability takes up four battery cores to fire and constantly drains them slowly while zoomed in. Precision is effective for both Good and Evil Karma types, but Good Karma players might have more use for it because they can avoid hitting innocent civilians, and kill enemies easier with a Headshock. It can also be used for targeting enemies with turrets, riot shields, or if they are behind cover.

It also gives Cole more time to pull Stunts like the Flying Head Shock, or the Blast and Bolt.


While not directly upgradeable in InFamous, any upgrades done to the Lightning Bolt attack, apply to this ability as well. The upgrades are as follows:


Infamous 2 has an upgrade called "Precision: Enhanced", which is available after 50 side missions have been completed. The upgrade, which costs 2100 XP, adds increased time dilation in zoom while Cole is using precision.


  • Though it uses four Battery Cores, Cole can activate it with only one battery core left.
  • Cole can use Precision to aim for a head-shot, then release it a split-second before firing.
  • The Precision Lightning Bolt is not that much more powerful than a regular Lightning Bolt and multiple regular Lightning Bolts can cover the difference, though only at close range.
  • There is a stunt that can be unlocked by killing an enemy with this power while riding on a train track or electric cable via Induction Grind, called Ride The Lightning.
  • Grinding with Induction Yield gives you constant regeneration, so you can use Precision without limit.
  • In inFamous 2, a new precision move called Sniper Blast (stated to be a long range Electromagnetic Shockwave) was available through a pre-order promotion.