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Navarro was the President of the United States during the time of Cole MacGrath (possibly 2008-2012). After the Empire City Blast and the start of the Ray Field Plague, he was partly responsible for enacting the Empire City Quarantine.


Empire City Blast[]

After the Empire City Blast resulted in the start of the Ray Field Plague and a period of societal collapse in Empire City, Navarro's administration quarantined Empire City in an effort to contain the biological hazards caused by the plague. During the 10th day of the quarantine, he signed the order to bomb Empire City in case of a critical plague outbreak, as Moya said on the 17th day.

Empire Event[]

As said on one of the USTV's reports, Navarro ordered preparation of military reserves in Washington, D.C. as the Beast continued its rampage southward following the destruction of Empire City. However, the Beast bypassed the nation's capital.


Later, amidst a wave of civil unrest in Washington D.C., Navarro was up for impeachment for obstruction of justice and perjury due a controversial investigation of the quarantine, according to a USTV report.