Psychic Vision was one of Cole MacGrath's electric powers in Infamous.


This was one of the few non-offensive powers Cole gained. It involved Cole touching somebody who was usually dead and absorbing their residual neuro-electric energy from their neurons' synapses, to create an outline of the deceased's or the killer's recent path.


He first used this path when Moya sent him to track down an important DARPA engineer named Brandon Carey, who went missing only to find his dead wife in an alleyway. Cole experienced her death and the kidnapping of Brandon through her eyes.

The second time was when Zeke asked Cole if he would track down his "tool of a friend" Dwight, who had gone missing at the Chummy Chicken last night in the Warren. Cole used his vision again, seeing Dwight's death by strange, metallic creatures that lead him to his first encounter with a Dust Man Conduit and the Scrap Crabs they create.

The last experience with this particular power was when the police participated in a shootout with Alden Tate in order to capture him. Cole found a dead police officer and saw Alden throw a car at him using his mind in the vision. Cole followed his trail where the police eventually captured him. Unfortunately, the Dust Men led an all-out assault to retrieve him from the Warren Jail and succeed.

Kessler was able to send visions to others, first to show what the stakes were and the second to give him the full story and reasons behind his actions. This power is a form of telepathy, a by-product of his core ability to absorb, store, and redirect electricity. It requires physical contact for it to be in use and can be used on both the living and the dead.

It is possible this granted Cole a degree of precognition, which would explain why he would see a vision of him using new powers when he has gained them.

Hidden Package (Infamous)Edit

While not factoring to the plot, this power was also used for several hidden package missions in Infamous, after defeating enemies in enemy-controlled areas with no apparent mission markers and at least one Karma mission. In these such missions, Cole used the power to figure out where the enemy hid a package.

Other usesEdit

In the Good Side Mission "Officer Down", Cole used this power to track down a Reaper firing squad about to execute Police officers.

In Infamous 2, Cole does not use Psychic Vision at all during story related missions or the Hidden Package side missions. A variation of this power appears in Festival of Blood, called Vampire Sense.

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