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Pulse Heal

Cole healing a pedestrian in InFamous.
User/s: Cole Macgrath
Mission gained: Blood Trail (InFamous)
Introduction (inFamous 2)
Location obtained: Empire City (The Neon)
Attributed to: Electromagnetism
Upgradeable: No (inFamous)
Yes (inFamous 2)
Appears in: inFamous
inFamous 2

Pulse Heal is a power of the Electrokinesis Conduit, Cole MacGrath.



When close to an injured civilian or ally, Cole can use Pulse Heal to heal them. This is done by locking onto the injured civilian, and then healing them, giving Cole Good Karma. The effect appeared as though Cole is healing them via an electric shock, in a similar style to paramedics and doctors using defibrillators to restart a persons heart.

InFamous 2Edit

The Pulse Heal retains the same ability that it has in InFamous. If Cole is at Champion rank or above, Pulse Heal can be upgraded, allowing Cole to send a pulse, healing several nearby injured civilians at once.



  • This power is a Good Karma power, its opposite Evil Karma power being Bio Leech.
  • Out of all the touch-related abilities, this one provides the most XP points.
  • In the story mission 'The Price', Cole used Pulse Heal to try to save Trish. Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe and he was only able to bring her back for a few moments before she succumbed to them, showing that even Cole's powers couldn't save the fatally wounded.
  • With Good Karma in InFamous 2, Cole will sometimes say encouraging words like "You're going to be ok." or "Easy now."
  • Cole was unable to heal people inflicted by the Plague in New Marais, though he was able to identify those suffering from it using Radar Pulse, an ability given to him by The Beast in 'The Face of Change'.
  • In InFamous 2, during 'The Final Decision' (Good Karma), Cole can still heal Lucy Kuo to full health while fighting her, should she be knocked down.


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