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User/s: The Beast
Cole MacGrath (Evil Karma)
Appears in: InFamous (Mentioned only)
InFamous 2

Pyrokinesis is a power which refers to the control, manipulation, and creation of fire. It has, so far, only been used by the most powerful conduit, The Beast.


Not much is known about the full extent of Pyrokinesis. As such, only a few known abilities have been shown- from the ability to throw massive balls of fire, to being able to turn into a massive flame version of oneself. The user also has an advanced form of teleportation, similar to Napalm and Cryokinesis, but without the restriction of being removed from movement after a few feet.

Known Abilities

  • Lava Incarnate: A power only used by the most powerful pyrokinetic conduits. It allows the user to make a Goliath sized, almost exact replica of their body, made of an outer layer of volcanic crust with molten lava at its core and is driven by the user's concousness. It can be at least 3-4 stories tall.
  • Flaming Rocks: Massive rocks, burning due to the conduits powers, that explodes on impact.


Due to it's flammable nature, Pyrokinesis has two offsets; both of which use a combination of smoke and ash to subdue or defeat enemies.

These include: