Radar Pulse

Mission gained: First Glimpse
Location obtained: Empire City
Attributed to: Electrokinesis
Upgradeable: Yes
Appears in: InFamous, InFamous 2
Radar Pulse is a group of powers in inFamous and inFamous 2.


Radar Pulse


In inFamous, the Radar Pulse's primary use lies in detecting energy sources, Blast Shards and Dead Drops. When Cole has recently used the Psychic Vision on a human corpse, it can be used to detect the echo Cole sees. It can also be used to track enemies.

inFamous 2

The Radar Pulse gets stronger in inFamous 2. While it may still be used to track energy sources and Blast Shards, it may no longer be used to track Dead Drops. However, it can be used to make living organism glow with a small tint, which color changes depending on their alignment torwards Cole.

Others and upgrades

  • Sense Plague: Cole later gains the power to detect potential Conduits and carriers of the Plague. People's skeletons are visible, and the Plague appears as red blobs inside the body. Potential Conduits have a bright yellow spot in their chests.
  • Improved Pulse: After finishing 60 side missions, the Radar Pulse can be upgraded with an improved Blast Shard sense. This allows Cole to sense the single nearest Blast Shard no matter how far away it is.


  • Something similar to the radar pulse appears in Festival of Blood which seems to be different than the standard.

    A screenshot of the Radar Pulse variant in Festival of Blood.

  • Surprisingly, the Radar Pulse can't detect the Plague or Conduit Gene inside enemies, like the Militia or Corrupted.
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