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Rail Yard Intel is the 25th mission and the third Split Mission in Infamous 2, the respective Karmic missions for Good and Evil being Exposing Bertrand and Nix's New Family.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While Cole MacGrath tests out his Rockets from the newly absorbed Blast Core, Nix drops by the train car that Zeke Dunbar and Lucy Kuo are making plans in, causing Kuo to call Cole back to the train car. There she briefs Nix, Zeke, and Cole on how Bertrand continues to venture to the Rail Yard, despite there being a large number of Ice Men patrolling the area. Nix claims that Bertrand is able to make monsters that are loyal to him, and states that she even made one loyal herself, but it died at the hands of the Militia.

Planning Stages[edit | edit source]

Kuo then states that the best way to proceed would be for Cole and her to collect evidence that Bertrand is making the monsters and turn the public tide against him. Nix disagrees, saying that instead Cole should guard Nix as she bonds with the monsters to create their own personal army. Cole states that he needs to think about it and leaves the train car, telling Nix and Kuo to be ready, much to Kuo's exasperation. Cole can gain Good Karma by to starting Exposing Bertrand, or he can gain Evil Karma by starting Nix's New Family.

Exposing Bertrand[edit | edit source]

Cole heads out to the train yards and takes several pictures of civilians and corrupted locked in boxcars, and eventually a picture of Bertrand turning a human into a corrupted, finally exposing Bertrand as Kuo puts the evidence on TV. Bertrand discovers Cole and escapes. The Rebels finally arrive to the train yards and Cole, Kuo and them have an all out fight with the Militia. Cole frees all the civilians from the boxcars, but Nix appears with the corrupted on her side, showing that she did it even though he didn't agree. Cole and Kuo fight off a Devourer to finally finish the fight.

Nix's New Family[edit | edit source]

Nix and Cole meet on the roof, where they discuss the plan a bit more. They then head out to clear out all the militia on the roof. Cole has to defend Nix from the Militia and the Ice Gang with the Tesla Missile while she trains a batch of Corrupted.

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