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Cole faces a Ravager

Ravagers are four-legged, vaguely insect-like monsters. They may appear slightly clumsy, but their bodies are well suited for charging, and they can also quickly evade projectiles. In early footage Ravagers were brownish in color but in the final game they were black and dark red, similar color to the hive lord.


Ravagers are dangerous creatures. They take no breaks, and always attack at full strength. To avoid taking damage, they evade attacks by digging through the ground, traveling quickly and safely with a distinct trail of earth showing where they are going: they can even use this move to appear on top of buildings. They have three main attacks: at long range they will alternate between spitting a volley of acid darts, and charging towards Cole, knocking aside any non-scenery objects (such as cars) along the way. At close range they will rear up and slam down with both forelimbs: this deals a lot of damage with a near-miss, and if Cole is directly in front of the Ravager it will either pin him to the ground and force a QTE where he will have to hit it with lightning to escape, or sometimes just kill him instantly. Ravagers are very vulnerable to Grenades and Rockets and take incredible amounts of damage from Evil Cole's Double Grenade, and the tripwire rocket are also surprisingly easy to kill with the Amp since they cannot use their charge or acid spit attacks if Cole is right next to them, and their rearing attack will often miss Cole entirely. Throwing objects at them using the Kinetic Pulse is also a viable tactic.

Only the pink parts of their body take damage from Bolt attacks, the black armor plating simply reflects them.