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John: "You know, I had that thing in my hands once. Kessler asked me to hold it while he adjusted some cables during a test. I could feel it pulsing like something inside it trying to get out. It's not right."
Cole: "And everyone wants it."
―Cole and John, regarding the Ray Sphere.
Ray Sphere

The Ray Sphere.

The Ray Sphere is a was a sphere device developed by the mentalist organization, the First Sons and funded by DARPA. The development for the most part was overseen by Dr. Sebastian Wolfe and the First Sons' leader, Kessler. The device was capable of unlocking the powers of those with the Conduit gene and responsible for the Blast in New Marais and Empire City.[1][2][3]



Ray Sphere Development

First Sons develop the Ray Sphere.

Coming back in time from a future where the Beast destroyed the world, Cole MacGrath took on the alias of Kessler. Kessler seized control of the First Sons. Controlling all their assets, Kessler accelerated the development of the Ray Sphere, making it a main leading project in the faction. Scientist Dr. Sebastian Wolfe worked on the Ray Sphere and helped design a prototype. The prototype was then tested out in New Marais by Wolfe. After several successful tests, the paritally working Ray Sphere was delivered to Empire City where it was further developed.[1]

The Ray Sphere was first tested on animals, as some rats and chimpanzees had the Conduit gene. Some test subjects gained the abillity to fly, while there was small muscle tissue regeneration and reduced blood flow to the feet and legs. After decades of work, Kessler soon collaborated with DARPA, which funded it, while the First Sons developed it, acting as a joint effort. Soon Kessler moved onto human subjects. David Warner, who had the Conduit gene was hired, though later became a prisoner of the Ray Sphere experiments.[1]


David exposed to the Ray Sphere multiple times.

Used as a way of discovering the effects it has on humans, David was exposed to it thirty times and gained new powers each time during the human phase of calibration. A flaw in the Ray Sphere was that test subjects, like David, needed neuroelectricity to survive, however this was later removed. With the Ray Sphere fully functional, Kessler was able to put his true plan from the beginning into action: have his younger self gain powers through the Ray Sphere.[1][3]

Empire City Blast

It was like a bomb. Five, six city blocks reduced to rubble, corpses everywhere. But there was this kid right in the center of the crater. He had survived.
— John White on the Blast.
The Blast pic

The Blast from the Ray Sphere.

The Ray Sphere on a timer and assigned to Cole, who was a bike courier to deliver. When Cole was trying to deliver the package in the Historic District, Kessler called him on phone and told him to open it. As Cole did so the Ray Sphere immediately exploded. The Ray Sphere destroyed 5 or 6 blocks in Empire City's Historic District and killed thousands.[1]

Several powerful Conduits who were caught in the Blast had their powers unlocked, who later used their power to take control of the Empire City. As Kessler planned, Cole also gained his power from the Blast, being one of the more powerful as he gained more powers and was stronger as he was at the centre of the Blast.[1] (Known Conduits activated: Cole MacGrath[1], Sasha[1], Alden Tate[1], several Reapers[1], Dust Men[1] and First Sons[1] members.)

New Marais Blast


Bertrand activates the second known Ray Sphere.

Partner of Kessler and leader of the First Sons in New Marais, Joseph Bertrand III, who had the Conduit gene believed he was meant for higher purpose and had a Ray Sphere set up in the rural areas of New Marais. As Bertrand activated it, the Ray Sphere Blast destroyed a large portion of the rural areas and unlocked Bertrand's powers and another, a woman named Nix. (Known Conduits activated: Joseph Bertrand III[2], Nix[2].)


The Ray Sphere left Empire City in a Quarantine. Cole and Zeke Dunbar later stole the Ray Sphere off Alden Tate and the Dust Men. Zeke, who believed the Ray Sphere would give him powers attempted to activate it. However, nothing happened. Kessler who was present claimed he could fix it, hence Zeke joined Kessler with the Ray Sphere and betrayed Cole.[1]


Nothing went according to plan, but at least the Ray Sphere is out of the picture.
— Cole after the Ray Sphere is reduced to ashes.
Ray Sphere

The Ray Sphere cracks open and the vortex is revealed.

ater John and Cole collaborated and were able to track down the Ray Sphere to the habour. John claimed it felt as if something was inside, pulsing. Cole used a lightning storm to destroy the casing and Ray Sphere. However, the Ray Sphere cracked open and revealed a vortex of energy. Pulling John into it, he was torn apart. The Ray Sphere then exploded and destroyed the whole habour as Cole fled.[1]


Template:SecNonCanon In an alternate timeline, Cole attempted to activate the Ray Sphere to gain more powers. The Ray Sphere cracked opened and killed John then exploded and destroyed the habour, however Cole gained more powers in the process.[1]Template:SecNonCanon End

The Beast

For all we know, the Ray Sphere could be the catalyst that creates the Beast.
— John speculating that the Ray Sphere may by the catalyst for the Beast.

John uses his power that acts like a Ray Sphere.

hough the Ray Sphere tore John apart his subconscious remained. As John had the Conduit gene he grasped the powers within the Ray Sphere vortex and soon reformed molecule by molecule. Because of the Ray Sphere, the Beast was created. One of John's powers worked exactly like a Ray Sphere, in which he could cause a large explosion, activating the powers of those with the Conduit gene.[1][2]

The Plague

The Ray Sphere was responsible for the Plague, as Ray Field energy, the enegry source of the Ray Sphere is what caused it. The Plague began almost immediately after the Empire City Blast and spread across America. It had no affect on Conduits however, though normal humans died within days or weeks. Eventually it was cured by the activation of the Ray Field Inhibitor.[1][2]

Effects and appearance

First glimpse of a device Kessler calls the “Ray Sphere”. It’s about the size of a basketball and appears to be structured from two halves that are connected via an array of electrical cables and silicon boards. An unknown object occupies it’s center. At first blush, it looks like a bomb of some type
— John White on the Ray Sphere and what is looks like.
Ray Sphere Blueprints

Blueprints of the Ray Sphere.

The Ray Sphere was small sphere device, said to be at least the size of a basketball. The two halfs were connected by an array of electrical cables and silicon boards. The Ray Sphere emitted a blue glow and several lights around silicon boards. At the top of the sphere was a small dent with a light in the centre. The Ray Sphere could be set on a timer, as Kessler did for the Empire City Blast. The technology for the Ray Sphere was extremely advanced, taking the First Sons decades to fully develop.[1]

The Ray Sphere could cause devasting explosions, destroying 5 or 6 blocks in the Empire City Blast. The Ray Sphere was said to be pulsing by John White, as if something inside trying to escape. Several times the Ray Sphere has failed to work correctly such as when Zeke Dunbar attempted to activate it. At one point the Ray Sphere cracked open and revealed a vortex of strong energy that pulled could pull in nearby people and tear them apart. In several animal tests by Kessler the Ray Sphere induced small muscle regeneration and reduced blood flow to the legs and feet.[1]


  • If Cole decided to use the Ray Sphere a second time, only a pier was destroyed but his powers doubled. It could be explained that his powers doubled via the deaths of John and the First Sons guarding the Ray Sphere. It could also be that more life energy was required to trigger his initial powers, and less was needed in order to accelerate them.
  • As John rips the Ray Sphere away from Cole (If Cole decides to use it to increase his powers) and the pier is destroyed, the Ray Sphere gives Cole a third of what he had from the first activation (four Battery Cores compared to the twelve Battery Cores Cole starts with).
  • It is stated in the final cutscene that Kessler "accelerated" the Ray Sphere's development upon travelling back in time, implying that the original Ray Sphere is from Kessler's timeline and that Kessler had taken the designs. Or he simply ordered the First Sons (after gaining control of said group) to devote more/all time to the already existing project, as he possibly never aquired the designs due to him being more concerned about his family's safety.
  • Moya, via cellphone, states, in a panic, that the Ray Sphere isn't just a weapon of "mass destruction," but a weapon of "ultimate destruction."
  • It was revealed during the comics series by DC Comics that the Ray Sphere was developed in a joint effort between DARPA and the First Sons, with one group funding the project and the other developing the product.
  • The Ray Sphere could be considered a two phase weapon of Ultimate destruction like Moya said: Phase 1-It detonates, killing thousands of people initially, draining them of neuroelectric energy or vaporizing them. The energy released from the device is enough to cause thermal and concussive damage to a wide area. Phase 2-The energy from the blast is concentrated into the nearest Conduit(s) who becomes a living Weapon of Mass Destruction. In addition to activating the potentially destructive powers of Conduits in the area of the blast, massive amounts of Ray Field Radiation is released causing widespread sickness.
  • The 4 battery cores earned by Activating the Ray Sphere cannot be getted via blast shards.


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