Concept art of the Reaper Compound.

The Reaper Compound is a location in Infamous.



The Reaper Compound is located on the western edge of the Neon District in Empire City. It sits above the Jefferson Tunnel, which leads to the Warren.


Constructed on the site of an old dock and warehouse, the Reaper Compound is a maze of shipping containers, fortified with wire gates, barbed-wire and machine gun turrets. As one of their strongholds in the Neon District, many Reapers are
Evil Cole Reaper Compound

Evil Cole attacks the compound.

found patrolling the inside of the compound, including several Reaper bombers. High powered spotlights are attached to the two watchtowers which overlook the road in front of the compound. The watchtower on the right (as viewed from the Neon District) has a lever which, when used, opens the metal gate covering the entrance into the Jefferson Tunnel and Sasha's lair, located below the compound. Outside of the compound are two more turrets, both manned by Reapers who open fire on any trespassers.

Dinner With SashaEdit

In the quest "Dinner With Sasha," Cole MacGrath had open the gate leading into the Jefferson Tunnel. Before he could do that, he had to enter into the compound and fighting through a bunch of Reapers. After that, he was to climb up to one of the watchtowers and activate the switch to the tunnel's gate.


  • The compound can be accessed at any time in the game, however it will be empty until the aforementioned mission starts.
  • Cole cannot open the gate leading into the Jefferson Tunnel before or after the mission is completed.
  • There is a glitch involved with this area, in which you can clip through the door of the compound and go through the door prematurely. If you do this during the mission, and die in Sasha's 'room', you will start back at the beginning of the mission, but Sasha will have been defeated, and the dialogue that normally plays after will start to play.


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