Newly activated conduits of empire city following the empire city blast; who would go on to be indoctrinated into the ranks of the reaper street gang via the usage of Sasha's Black Tar.


Reaper Attire: Reaper Conduits while wearing their reaper fatigues sport a long black and white trench coat adorn with a hood with the reapers signature skull logo; as well as ripped jeans and white wrappings running along their legs.

Undercover Attire: Reaper Conduit are able to generate a variety of different attires using their shape-shifting abilities to better aid them when blending in with crowds or to conduct ambushes on targets of interest. (Not much is known as to how these conduits are able to generate these different attires; though the power of matter creation could explain why; as these conduits have been witnessed being able to generate weapons from nothing as witnessed by the conduit that ambushed Cole in the side mission "Grave Danger")


Shoulder Hanged Satchel: Reaper Conduits use shoulder hanged satchels to store essential items.


Assault Rifle: Reaper Conduits utilize the AK47 assault rifle as their primary offensive weapon while in combat, Which thanks to their enhanced conduit strength enables them to easily wield the weapon with a single hand with little issue. (Reaper Conduits are also able to generate this weapon from thin air when shape-shifting)

Prime Conduit Attributes

(While not shown in game; conduit reapers are by all accounts prime conduits and as prime conduits they possess the following attributes)

Enhanced Physical Strength: Once activated the conduit gene begins to restructure and strengthen the carriers muscle fibers giving them greater physical strength compared to to the average human; with their strength being comparable or superior to the strongest of human athletes. Thanks to this, conduits have been known to be easily over power normal humans; conduits have been seen being able to send a normal human flying back with one well placed punch or kick as if they were made of plastic. Strengthened leg muscles have apart from allowing the conduit to kick harder also has been shown to allow them to move faster with moderately fit conduits being capable of running up to 19 mph for an extended period of time and being able to lift up to 800 pounds.

Enhanced Physical Durability: Once activated the conduit gene begins to restructure and strengthen the carriers skeletal structure including joints, ligaments, and epidermis aside from the muscular system of the host. Thanks to this conduits are able to withstand severe injuries and high amounts of physical trauma that would have otherwise killed a regular human being; conduits have been noted as having survived falls or jumped from a 14 story building without serious injury or having withstood a head on collision with a trailer, train, or close proximity explosions and still being able to carry on without much hindrance.

Enhanced Stamina: Once activated the conduit gene begins to slow down the build up of lactic acid within the host muscular structure as well as slowing down the production of other fatigue toxins in the host body. Thanks to this, conduits are able to physical exert themselves far harder and longer than would be possible for even olympic level athletes.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Once activated the conduit gene enables the regeneration and restoration of damaged tissue at the molecular level. It is this advanced regenerative healing factor that enables conduits to keep on fighting despite sustaining significant damage. This could also explain the slowing of fatigue toxins in the conduits body and could also by extension grant prime conduits a longer life span exceeding centuries. It is also important to note that it is because of this healing factor that conduits require larger doses of narcotics in order for them to take effect. Conduits have been known to completely heal from injuries within 10 to 15 seconds depending on the severity of the injury sustained. Elemental conduits have the added benefit of being able to heal in less than that when exposed to their element.

Particle Charge Manipulation (Only prime conduits with energy or elemental based abilities possess this): Thanks to their energy or elemental based abilities elemental and energy manipulating conduits are able to supercharge their physical strikes at the molecular level to emit a greater amount of force.

Powers and Abilities

Power Type: Energy Manipulation

Power Description: The power to absorb, manipulate, redirect, and project varying forms of energy.

Ability Type: Energy Charge

  • Ability Description: Reaper Conduits have been shown to absorb an unknown energy type to fuel their powers.

Ability Type: Concussive Energy Shock wave

  • Ability Description: Reaper Conduits are able to discharge highly concussive energy shock waves which are easily capable of breaking down stone structures, shatter glass, and blast vehicles as well as people away. Reaper Conduits are able to control the distance and direction which their shock waves travel, enabling them to arc their blasts around corners or track their enemies movement up to one and a half city blocks away. Reaper conduits can use this ability for short, mid, and long range targets.

Power Type: Molecular Manipulation

Power Description: The power to manipulate the molecular structures within ones self or another object.

Ability Type: Molecular Teleportation

  • Ability Description: Reaper Conduits are able to breakdown their molecular structures and trans locate them to another location. Their distorted molecular structure enables them to phase through any structure in their way.

Ability Type: Shape Shifting

  • Ability Description: Reaper Conduits are able to alter their very morphology to imitate that of any individual they please. They are also able to use this ability to self-induce a type of metamorphosis within themselves to increase their height for the purposes of intimidation. This ability should also theory enable them to emulate the voices of any individual they are impersonating.

Power Type: Matter Creation

Power Description: The power to generate matter of varying shapes and textures from thin air by manipulating atoms and molecules in the surrounding environment.

Ability Type: Weapon Summon

  • Ability Description: Reaper Conduits are able to summon a weapon from thin air when preparing for combat.


Conduit Reapers possess no known natural mutations (They are able to self induce a metamophasis via Shape-Shifting but it is not really a permanent natural mutation)

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