Reduce Damage is a power which reduces the amount of damage Cole takes from any source.


Reduce Damage allows Cole to take more of a beating before dying, which is extremely valuable, especially in a fight. It is unclear what exactly these upgrades do to Cole to cause this effect, although it might be that the electric energy heightens the speed of Cole's body functions, or perhaps it creates an energy field around his body. There are no Karma-specific upgrades as it is a neutral power (i.e. neither good or evil).



  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 600 XP
  • Description: 10% damage reduction


  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 1800 XP
  • Description: 20% damage reduction


  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 2600 XP
  • Description: 30% damage reduction
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