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Template:Infobox mission "Reggie Takes Flight" was the 14th story mission in Infamous: Second Son.


Delsin started off searching the market place for a Conduit. After searching several porta-potties, he found one, but before he could get his hands on him, an angel swooped down and grabbed him, flying away with him. Delsin attempt to give chase, but it was pointless, given the angel's speed.

He then proceeded to search for more Conduits. By searching a construction site surrounded by gangster thugs, he was able to located another one, but like before, another angel got its hands on him first. Delsin then tried again to chase after, but was phoned by Reggie, who told him to meet back at the Market District to show him his new idea. Reggie then came out of a port-potty in a yellow outfit to use as bait to get an angel's attention.

Delsin chased his brother around the area until an angel swooped down and grabbed Reggie. Upon ascending a building, Delsin caught sight of hordes of angels appearing from television screens. To stop the angels from appearing, Delsin used his powers to destroy each screen. After that was accomplished, Delsin met Reggie by the lair of the angel Conduit, prepared to raid it.


Upon starting the mission, you'll find a yellow vest lying by a porta-potty. Within the market, search the porta-potties to find a Conduit.

Once you a find the Conduit, an angel will swoop down and grab him. You'll then try to chase after it, but won't be able to keep up.

Marked on the minimap are area you must search for more Conduits. You'll eventually be informed of a Conduit located at a construction site in the Lantern District. The site is swarming with gangster thugs, who'll shoot at any Conduit on sight, so steer clear.

Ascend to the roof of the parking garage, then to the crane above. Once at the arm of the crane, try to walk out carefully to get the Conduit. Another angel will appear and snatch him. Chasing after the angel is useless, so Reggie will phone and tell you to meet him in the Market District. Head over there, and he'll show you the outfit he's wearing. You must chase Reggie around town to grab the attention of one of the angels, which will eventually swoop down and take him. Continue following him by tracking his position on the map.

After up to a rooftop, you'll discover the angels appearing from video screens in the area outside of the Ellison building, which leaves you with your final objective — destroying the television screens. It helps if you use the bus stop structures as cover from their attacks.

After you destroy the screens, find Reggie standing outside of the lair of the angel Conduit and prepare for the next mission.



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