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‎He can do stuff like you never seen
― Sara describes Cole's abilities to her uncle.

Sara is a character featured in Infamous 2. She is the niece of Rosco Laroche, the leader of the Rebel faction in New Marais.


Sara was abducted from the streets by the Militia and hung up as a sacrifice to the The Devourer. Having heard that the Militia had kidnapped a woman, Zeke Dunbar called Cole MacGrath and asked him to look into it. Cole found and rescued Sara, who then led him through the back alleys of Ascension Parish. At one point, the pair found a group of injured Rebels who Sara asked Cole to heal.

Finally making their way to Leo Park, Sara rushed into her uncle's arms, but pulled away in shock when she learned that her uncle knew that the Militia were making sacrifices to the Devourer. Sara then introduced Cole to Laroche, stating that "He saved me. There were hundreds of those monsters. He fought them all." Sara watched as Cole tried to reach an agreement with Laroche, but fled alongside her uncle when the Devourer appeared.

At some point, with the help of the Rebels and possibly Zeke, Sara escaped the city through unknown means.


  • Sara only appears in one mission and she is only mentioned once in "The Dunbar Beam" when Laroche says "Sara got out of the city . . ." However, it is unknown what happened to her after this.
  • Her name is only stated in the cutscene at the end of the mission.