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Satellite Uplinks is a series of side missions in Infamous.


Once starting the mission, Cole will be guided to a flashing beacon. He has to climb to the beacon and drain it with the electric drain. A timer will start and Cole must race to the other beacons and re-synchronize them in order to reactivate the satellite uplinks.

After synching them, the uplink will activate and the mission will end.


100 XP


This mission is beneficial to the game as it increases the amount of safe area and the completion of each district. After gaining the power Induction Grind, it is much easier to quickly get to uplinks although the missions in response become more difficult.


  • These are replaced by the "Overcharge" series of side-missions in Infamous 2.
  • There are four Satellite Uplink side missions in total.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous The Warren - Satellite Uplink 3

InFamous The Warren - Satellite Uplink 3

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