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A group of scrap crabs

Scrap crabs, also called swarmers,[1] are creatures made of garbage and scrap held together by telekenesis.


The Scrap Crabs travel in packs of three to five and are controlled by the Dust Men. The crabs are usually rather quick to close the gap between themselves and their targets, then using a scorpion-like tail that only appears from their back when they try to strike a blow. Armed with this and four nimble legs, they often pop from garbage piles on sidewalks within the Warren, when Cole passes nearby.

A Conduit within the Dust Men can produce Scrap Crabs from devices on their backs, three at a time, forming the typical pack.


  • The crabs attack fleeing bystanders if Cole is out of reach.
  • Since groups of scrap crabs can appear without any dust men conduits around it is unknown if the constructs have a limited instinct based capacity to work on their own or if a conduit is mentally controlling them from across the district, using the construct's perspective to see.
  • Scrap Crabs are very similar to the Spikers from InFamous 2.
  • After scrap crabs are introduced to the player in the Warren district, if the player returns to the Neon district, scrap crabs may occasionally form even though that district is Reapers territory and there are no Dust Men around. This is likely a glitch.
  • Their attacks are highly accurate, so it is possible to be hit while Cole is midair while doing a Thunder Drop


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