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Opening Narration: Seven years ago, a small group of humans called Conduits spontaneously acquired control over certain natural elements which they could use as weapons. The Department of Unified Protection was formed to hunt down and indefinitely detain all Conduits (reclassified as "Bio-Terrorists") to protect the population. It's now believed that all Bio-Terrorists have been successfully captured and locked away. As a result, the Department of Unified is being phased out, with the military assuming oversight of the imprisoned Bio-Terrorists. Today, the first military transport of Bio-Terrorists leaves the D.U.P. detention facility at Curdun Cay Station, headed for an army prison in upstate Washington. It will never arrive.

(We open in Salmon Bay. The military transport drives across the forested roads of Salmon Bay, a small town some miles from Seattle, overlooking [presumably] the Pacific, or something close to Port Susan.)

(On the rooftop of a seaside fish cannery, Delsin Rowe tags some graffiti over a billboard of his brother, Reggie.)

Delsin Rowe: Hey, if art is a crime, then just...

(Sirens. Delsin gets down.)

Delsin Rowe: -quietly- Damn it! Okay. Think, Delsin, think.

(It's the Salmon Bay sheriff: Reggie, Delsin's brother.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Ah, party at the Longhouse! Just gotta get there, mingle, and establish an alibi. I'm a goddamn criminal mastermind.

(Delsin hops down into the fish cannery.)

Delsin Rowe: Alright... yea, this should work--

(Delsin taps a can with his foot, alerting Betty.)

Delsin Rowe: Agh-- genius. Genius...

Betty: Who's out there??

(Betty aims a stapler around, lowering it somewhat when she sees it's just Delsin.)

Delsin Rowe: It's just me, Betty. And would you put the stapler down? Seriously.

Betty: Delsin--? What are you doing here? Why aren't you at the big to-do at the Longhouse?

Delsin Rowe: Uh... yea, I just didn't feel all that "Akomish" tonight. But you look amazing! Looks great on you, seriously--

Betty: What were you doing up on the roof? Hm?

Delsin Rowe: Nothing, just--

Betty: Were you up to mischief?

(Knock knock knock.)

Reggie Rowe: Come on, I know you're in there! So just come on out, or I'll call Betty and she'll be here in five minutes with the keys!

Betty: [a knowing smile.] You were up to mischief.

Delsin Rowe: Okay, so-- come on, seriously, what're you gonna do?

Betty: I have no choice! He's a cop. I have to be back here in five minutes. And if you're still here...

Delsin Rowe: Thanks, Bettyyy--

Betty: This is the last time! Delsin Rowe: [simultaneously:] "Last time."

Betty: Now I have to back to my voice. Apparently I'm getting a phone call.

Reggie Rowe: Open the door! That's an order!

Delsin Rowe: I can't believe he doesn't have better things to do.

(Things Reggie and Delsin will say if you linger at the cannery:)

Reggie Rowe: C'mon, make it easy on both of us and give yourself up!

Reggie Rowe: I called Betty! She'll be here in five minutes!

Reggie Rowe: Come on, there's no way out of this!

Reggie Rowe: C'mon, buddy, don't make me tack on "resisting arrest"!


Delsin Rowe: Gotta find another way out.

Delsin Rowe: Dead end.

Delsin Rowe: Locked.

Delsin Rowe: Let's see. I know I came down here for a reason... oh right! Longhouse.

Delsin Rowe: Stop daydreaming, Delsin. Go to the Longhouse.

(Delsin runs out through the fish cannery's back door, emerging outside.)

Delsin Rowe: Hello freedom! Now the easy part. Get to the Longhouse and set up an alibi.

(Delsin platforms along the beach towards the Longhouse, running, climbing, and hopping on top of water towers, woodplank bridges, and the seaweed-ridden sands. Some things he can say while platforming across are:)

Delsin Rowe: [while running past birds] Out of my way! [...] Shoo, shoo! Get outta here!

Delsin Rowe: [while scaling a suspiciously white ridge] Aggh. Gull crap.

Delsin Rowe: [after emerging from a small cave] Halfway there!

Delsin Rowe: [looking at some of his graffiti handiwork] Man, how old was I when I tagged that guy?

Delsin Rowe: [if he falls in water] Brrrr... Not a good time for a swim! I have g-got to stop... d-doing that!

Delsin Rowe: [if his feet crest over water] Oh, that's cold. Very cold.

Delsin Rowe: [taking a leap of faith between one ridge to another] That... was close.

Delsin Rowe: [while scaling across a *very* narrow outcrop] Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down...

Delsin Rowe: [if you miss the Longhouse] Think I overshot the Longhouse there...

(Delsin reaches the longhouse at last.)

Delsin Rowe: And the plan is working perfectly!

(The moment Delsin reaches the porch of the longhouse and opens the door... Reggie's there, waiting.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Hey, man. I've been lookin' like, forever for you. We should probably just get inside--

(Reggie hauls him outside.)

Reggie Rowe: Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is for me to keep arresting my own brother over and over again?

Delsin Rowe: Maybe you should stop arresting your brother "over and over and over again"!

Reggie Rowe: You think this is a joke??

Delsin Rowe: No, I don't--

Reggie Rowe: Is this how you want to leave your mark on the world, huh? You think this would make our parents proud? Misdemeanor vandalism--??

Delsin Rowe: Listen man, there's a lot of scary shit in the world, and while I'm actually trying to assert my talent and cause--

(They begin to overlap one another in argument.)

Reggie Rowe: You're "trying to assert your talent"-- I mean, what the hell are you even talking about?!

Delsin Rowe: Why do you always do this, Reggie? Why can't you just let me be who I am?

Reggie Rowe: No, explain it to me! Tell me what kind of big, scary shit you're gonna save us from!

Delsin Rowe: If you would listen, I would explain it to you--

(Delsin notices something.)

Reggie Rowe: Really? Because I don't seem to get it!

Delsin Rowe: Reggie--

Reggie Rowe: What?!

Delsin Rowe: ...Truck.

(The military transport from before comes screaming in, way too fast. It hits a car so hard that the car explodes, knocking over another car before finally tipping over and slamming onto the ground, drawing sparks and fire as it does so. Delsin and Reggie step back in shock... and we can see two prisoners escaping from the wreck. Presumably: Abigail and Eugene. Reggie pursues them.)

Reggie Rowe: I'm going after those two! You stay back - that thing's gonna blow!

Delsin Rowe: Stay away from the exploding thing... got it.

(Delsin searches the crash site for survivors anyway. He finds a man trapped beneath the debris of the car. Some things that can be said by the two during this:)

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Anybody hear me?! Need some help here!

Delsin Rowe: Um, Reggie? Guy here needs some help!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Hey-- I can hear someone! Come over here and help me.

Delsin Rowe: I'd better go help him out.

Delsin Rowe: What the hell's the military doing here?

Delsin helps lift the debris off of the prisoner, enough for the prisoner to crawl out and gasp for air.)

Delsin Rowe: Holy shit, dude!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Oh-- thanks, man. I thought I was gonna die.

Reggie Rowe: Hey, you alright?!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Ah-- cop!

(Hank suddenly grabs Delsin and holds him hostage in an attempt to scare Reggie off.)

Reggie Rowe: HEY! Let him go! Just-- let him go and keep your hands where I can see them!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: I don't wanna hurt nobody! I just wanna get gone 'fore she gets here--

Reggie Rowe: I said let him go or I will shoot you!

Delsin Rowe: Reg-?!

(Hank suddenly absorbs some of the smoke from the wreck to intimidate Reggie. He's a Conduit.)

Reggie Rowe: Oh God, no--

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: I said I don't wanna hurt nobody!!

(He fires a warning shot at Reggie, and then Delsin takes the opportunity to grab onto Hank's wrist in an attempt to shake him off. The moment Delsin makes contact with Reggie... he can suddenly see all of Hank's memories, stylized in graffiti-like cutscenes. Visuals that mean nothing to Delsin at first overwhelm him... and then he passes out.)

The Visitors[]

(When Delsin comes to... his surroundings are on fire. Very visually similar to the opening of inFamous 1.)

Delsin Rowe: ...What the hell is going on?? ...I gotta find Reggie.

(The moment he takes a step... his body suddenly materializes into a vapor trail of smoke, vaulting him forward.)

Delsin Rowe: What the hell was that?! I don't... what the hell?!

(Every step he takes makes him break into smoke.)

Delsin Rowe: What was-- what's happening to me?! Oh my god, NO!

(He can't control it - he nearly falls off a grassy ledge.)

Delsin Rowe: No, stop it, stop it, stop-!! What the hell's going on?! Oh my god. Oh my god! Make it stop!!

(His path is constricted by a knocked-over tree.)

Reggie Rowe: [in the distance] Hey!

Delsin Rowe: Reg?? Reg, I really need you!!

(Delsin turns into smoke and phases his way right through the leaves of the knocked-over tree.)

Delsin Rowe: What's going on?!

Reggie Rowe: [in the distance] On the ground! Now!

Delsin Rowe: REGGIE!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: [in the distance] You gotta listen to me--!

Reggie Rowe: ON. THE GROUND. Final warning--!!

(Delsin rushes towards the scene of the confrontation, and Hank uses his powers to push a car towards Reggie. The car knocks Reggie down and causes a tree to collapse.)

Delsin Rowe: NO-!! Reggie!!

(Delsin smoke-dashes over the tree, which takes the downed Reggie aback.)

Delsin Rowe: Reg?? You okay??

Reggie Rowe: Delsin... what was that?!

Delsin Rowe: I gotta get that thing off of you!

Reggie Rowe: But you just--

Delsin Rowe: I gotta get you out!!

Reggie Rowe: ...yeah-- yeah, okay. Okay, just-- just help me push!

(As Delsin helps push the car off of Reggie, his powers suddenly help accelerate the process.)

Reggie Rowe: Oh dear God--

Delsin Rowe: No! No! No!

(Delsin's powers shove the car far away from Reggie, a reversal of what Hank just did a minute ago. Delsin falls onto his knees in shock, scrambling around for something to latch onto.)

Delsin Rowe: I can't stop it, man. I can't stop it! Reggie, I can't stop it, man-!!

(Reggie reaches out and grabs Delsin in a hug.)

Reggie Rowe: It's okay! You're okay! Just breathe... breathe. You're alright. You're alright.

Delsin Rowe: I'm one of them, man, I'm one of them--

Reggie Rowe: No! NO. No. You are MY brother. Alright?? You are MY brother.

Delsin Rowe: Okay...!

Reggie Rowe: This thing with you is gonna pass. I promise. We'll fix it! Alright, you with me? You with me??

Delsin Rowe: Okay... okay!

Reggie Rowe: We gotta get out there. There is a Bio-Terrorist, we gotta stop him before he gets the rest of the tribe. Alright?

Delsin Rowe: Okay...!

Reggie Rowe: I need you. I need you right now. Alright??

Delsin Rowe: Okay!

Reggie Rowe: Alright, c'mon! You good?

Delsin Rowe: Yeah...!

Reggie Rowe: Let's go!

(Delsin and Reggie rush to the fish cannery. Signs of Hank breaking his way in are all over the place.)

Reggie Rowe: Just promise me you won't use any of those... tricks, okay?

Delsin Rowe: But I wouldn't have been able to even get to you back there if I hadn't--

Reggie Rowe: Just promise me you won't do that!

Delsin Rowe: Okay, okay.

Reggie Rowe: I just don't want you to think that what's happened is a good thing. Okay? Because it's not.

Akomish Citizen 1: Sheriff, we can't get in! The button's jammed!

Akomish Citizen 2: I think Betty's still inside.

Delsin Rowe: ...Jeez, man, the latch is melted.

Reggie Rowe: ...Locked?? How'd the hell he get through?

Delsin Rowe: I think he ran through.

Reggie Rowe: ...You can do that?

Delsin Rowe: Only one way to find out.

(Delsin smoke-dashes through the gate of the fish cannery... terrifying the tribe.)

Akomish Citizen 1: Oh my GOD!

Akomish Citizen 2: Delsin's a bio-terrorist, too!

Reggie Rowe: Wait, he's not--! ...Damn it. When the tribe hears about you, there'll be a panic.

Delsin Rowe: Fine, go. Control the mobs.

Reggie Rowe: I'll come back with help! Go and see if Betty's in there with the Bio-Terrorist. And be careful. You never know what those freaks are capable of.

Delsin Rowe: ...Yeah. Those "freaks".

(Experimentally, Delsin smoke-dashes through an air vent... and he comes out on the other side of the vent on the balcony.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Vents! Good to know.

(He does so again, launching himself onto the roof, but he maintains too much vertical momentum and goes flying towards a shattered skylight.)

Delsin Rowe: NOT GOOD-!!

(When he falls through, however... he takes no damage whatsoever when he lands on the ground.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Wow. That should have hurt.

Betty: [in the distance] Stay back, you beady-eyed freak!!

Delsin Rowe: Betty! Where are you, Betty?!

(Delsin tries dashing through some burnt timbers, but it causes him pain trying to do so. He looks around for something to break the wood down... and finds a length of chain that'll work just fine. He strikes at the timbers with his chains.)

Delsin Rowe: Oh, yeah. This'll work.

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Who's out there?!

Delsin Rowe: [muttering] Don't wanna spoil the surprise...

(Delsin keeps blasting his way through walls of broken timbers, running down a burning corridor.)

Betty: I'm back here!!

Delsin Rowe: Almost there, Betty!!

Betty: Delsin?! It's too dangerous in here! Go get your brother!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: You gotta get out of here, lady.

Betty: You stay away from me-!!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: I am trying to help you, lady-!

Betty: No, you stay away from me-!

(Delsin bursts into the fiery room.)

Betty: Delsin!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: I was-- just trying to create a diversion! I didn't know anybody was in here--

Delsin Rowe: You did this to me!

(Delsin shows off some Smoke to prove it.)

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: ...You're a Conduit?!

Betty: Oh--!!

Delsin Rowe: Betty. I'll explain later, but you gotta get out of here now!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Good. I'm gone!

Delsin Rowe: Not until you fix this first!

(Delsin rushes Hank and tackles him to the ground. The moment he makes contact with Hank... he gets a proper good look into Hank's memories.)

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: I spent most o' my life behind bars. It's easy enough t' bust out. You just gotta wait for that "golden opportunity". When I got my powers... hell, I was unstoppable. Until the D.U.P. caught up with me. Yea, they got a special hole they like to toss folks like me in. They figured out a way to bind us all up so we couldn't use our powers. But that also meant they hadda feed us, wash us, even wipe our goddamn asses. That's no way for a man to live. No way. They had this... redheaded bitch there, really into needles n' scalpels. She called what she did to me "tests". But if you do enough time, you learn a few tricks. Just gotta be patient. Sooner or later, they'll screw up. They always do. You maybe see somethin', or you hear somethin'... learn things you weren't supposed to know. So when that bitch put the three of us in that wagon, I knew what was comin'. A golden opportunity.

(Back to the fish cannery.)

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: ...I saw you. Poking around inside my head.

Delsin Rowe: ...That was me? I thought that was you.

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: You saw it, right?? That D.U.P. prison? If she catches you, that's where you're going.

(Hank rushes away.)

Delsin Rowe: Hey, wait, wait, wait!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: I ain't gonna stay here and die!

(Hank attacks Delsin in a storage chamber, knocking him down as a warning.)

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: I am warning you, kid. BACK OFF.

Delsin Rowe: You're not going anywhere... until you fix this!

(The two of them fight one another with their smoke powers, with Hank shooting at Delsin and Delsin hitting Hank with his chains.)

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Listen! I dunno what happened, but you better be ready to disappear!

Delsin Rowe: Why?!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: You're a Conduit now, kid! A Bio-Terrorist. Welcome to the world of "run for your life!" And that's what I aim to do, even if I gotta go through you.

Delsin Rowe: You're not going anywhere until you fix this!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: This ain't something that can BE fixed.

Delsin Rowe: THEN-- at least show me how to control it!

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Ain't got time. D.U.P.'s coming! And she knows I'm onto her plan. This fire's only gonna buy two, three minutes diversion tops. I gotta git now! Ain't going back to Curdun Cay!

Delsin Rowe: Yeah, well, whoever's coming is coming for you, man, not me.

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: You been seen, son. Folks here know about you. And she's got a way of making people talk.

Delsin Rowe: I didn't ask for this!

(Hank knocks Delsin away and then dashes for the exit.)

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Good luck, kid.

Delsin Rowe: Oh, hell no. No way I'm gonna die in a fish guttery!

(Delsin bursts the door down to the back... and walks out into a wall of bright, neon siren lights. Hank's on his knees, begging for his life.)

Henry "Hank" Daughtry: Listen, you just let me go, just let me walk away! Nobody's gotta ever know about any of this--

(Strangely, concrete begins to consume Hank, turning him into a stone statue.)


(The concrete fully covers him, silencing him... and then a tall, long-coated, militaristic woman walks up to the concrete. Betty can be seen in the background, being held up by a group of D.U.P. soldiers.)

Brooke Augustine: ...Oh, Henry. I am so very disappointed in you.

Delsin Rowe: ...Well! We got 'em, right? I, uh... I flushed that mean old Conduit out for you. Good job, everyone! Especially you, guy--

Brooke Augustine: "Bio-Terrorist." Henry Daughtry was a Bio-Terrorist. "Conduit" is a word used by traitors who sympathize with their cause. You're not a... traitor, are you?

Delsin Rowe: ...I, uh. I try not to be. Heh.

Brooke Augustine: [chuckles] ...You seem nervous.

Delsin Rowe: ...No, I'm not nervous.

(Augustine circles around him, like a hawk trailing around its prey.)

Brooke Augustine: ...It's been my experience there are only two reasons for people to be nervous. Either they're cowards... or they have something to hide.

Delsin Rowe: ...Well, you know, I also get nervous around pretty girls?

Brooke Augustine: Mm. You were in there with that Bio-Terrorist for quite some time. Did he... share anything with you?

Delsin Rowe: Share-?

Brooke Augustine: Did he say anything to you? Share any of his... ramblings about... conspiracies?

Delsin Rowe: Oh. Ah... no. He didn't share anything.

Brooke Augustine: Good. That's good to hear. You see... we are engaged in a life-and-death war with these Bio-Terrorists. And it's my job to do whatever it takes to ensure that we win that war.

(Augustine, deciding she's made her point, turns aside...)

Delsin Rowe: ...But. It's kinda funny, because... aren't you a Bio-Terrorist too?

(Augustine stops walking. Some concrete suddenly snaps at Delsin's feet, the woman not even turning her back on him.)

Delsin Rowe: Okay-- okay, okay.

(Augustine walks back towards Delsin.)

Brooke Augustine: Yes, I am. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. And it's clear now that you're not a coward... which means there's something you're not telling me.

(D.U.P. soldiers surround Delsin.)

Delsin Rowe: Wh--what are you doing? You can't do this! Are you crazy-- I've got rights!

Brooke Augustine: And I have the legal authority to suspend those rights whenever I feel it's necessary. Like now, for instance. I'll ask again... what happened in there?

Delsin Rowe: And I'll tell you again. Nothi--

(Concrete suddenly impales Delsin in the calf.)

Delsin Rowe: GAH--! Nnngh--!

Brooke Augustine: I'm told that hurts.

(Delsin doesn't break. She hits him with another dagger of concrete. Betty rushes forward.)

Betty: Maybe I know what happened in there--!!

Delsin Rowe: NO! No, Betty, don't!

Brooke Augustine: Really?? Still nothing? ...Well. Unless you decide that you do have something to tell me... I'll go chat with that nice old lady. But you should know that concrete is especially hard on... brittle bones. And if she doesn't talk, I'll just move on to the next one, then the next... until I find someone who does. So. Do you have something you wanna tell me? Or do you prefer that I move onto your friends here?


(Delsin, taking his first step to becoming a Hero, risks his freedom to protect Betty.)

Delsin Rowe: [quietly] ...I'm a Conduit.

Brooke Augustine: What?

Delsin Rowe: I said... I'm a Conduit, alright? I... caught it a second ago from that guy.

Brooke Augustine: Oh, you "caught it". Very funny.

(Augustine impales his legs with more concrete.)

Delsin Rowe: UGH--!!

Betty: Delsin!

Brooke Augustine: So, Betty. Maybe you can give me a straight answer.

(As Delsin slides into unconsciousness, he can hear Augustine using her concrete against Betty, with Betty shouting in pain.)

Brooke Augustine: Yeah. I'm told that hurts.


(Delsin takes his first step to becoming Infamous and endangers the tribe by not saying anything.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Piss off.

Brooke Augustine: Then I have no further use for you.

(Augustine impales Delsin's legs.)

Delsin Rowe: ARGH--!!

Brooke Augustine: Hope you're not as stubborn as that one... are you, Betty?

(As Delsin slides into unconsciousness, he can hear Augustine using her concrete against Betty, with Betty shouting in pain.)

Brooke Augustine: Yeah. I'm told that hurts.


(Delsin wakes up in the Longhouse, to the sound of the television.)

Brooke Augustine: [on television] Wake up! The Bio-Terrorist threat is NOT over. What further proof do you need than the situation in Seattle, where we've had to deploy nearly 2,000 D.U.P. troops in an attempt to capture--

Reporter: Excuse me, don't you mean "re-capture"? After all, those three did escape from the D.U.P.'s own detention facility in Curdun Cay--

Brooke Augustine: Those Bio-Terrorists escaped while in the custody of the MILITARY. The D.U.P. hasn't had a single escape in seven years, but the army managed to lose three of them in less than an hour. Let me be clear - this is the military's mess. The D.U.P. has just been brought in to clean it up.

Reporter: Miss Augustine, thank you for your time. That, of course, was Brooke Augustine, head of the Department of Unified Protection. As the D.U.P. lockdown of Seattle enters its second week now, there is still no sign of any progress. We, of course, will continue to follow the story, and we will have the very latest for you, coming up. For now, I'm Charles Sandahl, USTV News.

Akomish Patient: Turn that damn thing off. People sleeping here.

(Delsin checks the status of his legs. No concrete left.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Betty...

(As Delsin rises, he realizes the Longhouse has been turned into a hospital all around him.)

Delsin Rowe: What the hell's going on here? They turned the Longhouse into a hospital? How long have I been out? Nick, man, what the hell happened?

(Delsin sees a number of X-Rays showing horrifying concrete damages inflicted onto the Akomish people's bones.)

Delsin Rowe: Oh my god. How could anyone do this? How many people did she hurt? And no one could stop her?

(Delsin comes across Betty's bed.)

Delsin Rowe: Oh my god-- Betty!

Good Karma Dialogue[]

(Betty, in a hospital gown, smiles at Delsin.)

Betty: Delsin, dear. You're awake.

Delsin Rowe: So did Augustine do this to you?

Betty: Yeah. What, did ya think I was gonna rat you out to that ornery trot? Besides... at the time, it seemed like all the cool kids were getting their legs pierced.

Delsin Rowe: ...So that means everyone here...?

Betty: ...We're Akomish. We protect our own. No one here blames you for what happened. Neither should you.

(Betty touches Delsin's shoulder.)

Betty: Can't be ashamed for what you are. Can't help it. You were born that way.

Delsin Rowe: ...All that matters is that... I'm one of them now.

Betty: You are not one of those... beady-eyed Bio-Terrorists that go around killing people all higgedly-piggedly. No. You're a good boy... just happen to have smoke coming out of your fingers.

Delsin Rowe: ...It's the whole reason why we're in this. Smoke coming out of my fingers.

(Betty squeezes his arm.)

Betty: Hey. Don't go down that road. If you're gonna be such a buzzkill, I'm going to have to back to sleep. Because I need my rest, so that I can get better and get on my feet again. And I can rest, now that I know you're awake. Now don't you worry. I'm going to be fine... really! You'll see.

(Delsin kisses Betty's forehead.)

Delsin Rowe: I'll fix this.

Evil Karma Dialogue[]

(Delsin wakes Betty up, who seems relieved.)

Betty: Glad to see you're up.

Delsin Rowe: ...I guess Augustine wasn't bluffing, huh?

Betty: Well. No one here was gonna turn you in to protect themselves. We're Akomish. We take care of our own.

Delsin Rowe: ...Yeah. Well... I guess I did the right thing. You imagine what that bitch would've done if I'd actually talked?

(Betty looks disappointed.)

Betty: Probably the same thing she did to everyone else in this room when you didn't.

(Delsin, at a loss for words trying to explain himself, rises. Betty reaches out for him, but Delsin avoids her touch.)

Delsin Rowe: Do me a favor. Tell everyone else that I said 'thanks' for taking one for the team.

(Betty is shocked speechless by Delsin's callous words.)

End of Karmic Divergence[]

(As Delsin leaves Betty's bedside, Reggie enters the Longhouse, and then pulls Delsin into a hug.)

Reggie Rowe: Delsin! Damn it, I thought we were gonna lose you there!

Delsin Rowe: ...A little concrete in the legs? It's gonna take more than that.

Reggie Rowe: ...Well. Glad to see that "fast healing" seems to be part of your new... thing. Speaking of which-- the craziness with the... hands. Is that gone?

Delsin Rowe: I don't know, man. There's "no smoking in the Longhouse", remember?

Reggie Rowe: Right.

(Delsin starts putting on his shoes.)

Delsin Rowe: And I wouldn't wanna get in the way of anyone's recovery.

Reggie Rowe: "Recovery"...? [quietly] Hey, Delsin, these people aren't getting any better. They're dying, man.

Delsin Rowe: [quietly] ...You don't know that!

Reggie Rowe: No, but the doctors who came through here when you were out? They do, and they said that... they said that the only way those shards are coming out is the exact same way they came in.

Delsin Rowe: What?? But that was Augustine! And her... concrete power.

Reggie Rowe: ...Yeah.

(Delsin makes his decision.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Screw it, man. Looks like you and me are going to Seattle, and we are gonna go get her.

Reggie Rowe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! What, you think you're just gonna charm her into coming back here with you? Come on, man, I know you took a bump to the head, but you two didn't exactly hit it off last time you were together--

Delsin Rowe: Reggie. I did this. And I gotta fix it.

Reggie Rowe: No-- damn it, Delsin! You just got back on your feet! Look, I know you wanna help, but the doctors already said--

Delsin Rowe: That the only way it's getting out is with the same power, I get it.

(Suddenly, Delsin figures it out. The cure.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Which means, we don't actually need Augustine. We just need her power...!

Reggie Rowe: ...Okay, now you've lost me.

Delsin Rowe: ...I'm a goddamn power sponge. Remember? If I got smoke... why can't I get concrete?

Reggie Rowe: Yeah, but-- what if smoke was just a fluke? Huh? Think about it, you'd have to go through, what, a thousand D.U.P. guys just to get to her?

Delsin Rowe: Yeah. Probably something like that.

(Delsin rushes outside.)

Delsin Rowe: I'll explain in the truck.

Reggie Rowe: What truck?? You don't have a truck, I--

(Reggie sighs and follows along.)

Reggie Rowe: ah, it's my truck.

Parting of the Ways[]

(Reggie drives down a long, rainy forest road to Seattle, with Delsin in tow.)

Delsin Rowe: Alright, I got this whole thing figured out, okay? We... we hit the town, we load up at the all-you-can-leech Conduit Power buffet, maybe swing by the Space Needle - always wanted to see it - and then we're back home to save some lives.

Reggie Rowe: You do realize that when we 'hit the town', there's a fair chance the town's gonna, you know... hit back?

Delsin Rowe: What does that even mean?

Reggie Rowe: It means that Seattle has half a million people that aren't exactly thrilled about the Bio-Terrorists that are already there. You think they're gonna welcome you?

Delsin Rowe: No, but I'm gonna be different, okay? I'm not there doing what they do, I'm there to save lives, I'm gonna be like Superman.

Reggie Rowe: Right, yeah. Hey, hero. What, you think they're gonna throw you a parade? Wake up, man.

(Reggie sighs.)

Reggie Rowe: Look, don't worry, Del, alright? We're gonna fix this thing. We're gonna find you a cure.

Delsin Rowe: A "cure"?

Reggie Rowe: Shootin' smoke out of your fingertips isn't exactly normal, man!

Delsin Rowe: Just because it's not normal doesn't mean that it needs a cure, okay? Van Gogh wasn't "normal." Gandhi wasn't "normal."

Reggie Rowe: Yeah, but people weren't scared of Gandhi, alright? People are afraid of Bio-Terrorists. They're freaks.

Delsin Rowe: See, that's preprogrammed bull--!!

Reggie Rowe: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

(Reggie suddenly hits the breaks... when he sees that Scully Trail ahead of him has been utterly decimated by Conduits - no doubt Fetch and Eugene, given the streaks of Neon and Video left behind.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Well. Looks like we're walkin' the rest of the way.

Reggie Rowe: Walk? What-- where are you going? Hey! ...Damn it.

(Delsin exits the car first, and Reggie reluctantly follows suit.)

Delsin Rowe: Holy crap. Would you look at this?

Reggie Rowe: You know, if you're having second thoughts--

Delsin Rowe: Are you kidding me? This is amazing!

Reggie Rowe: "This" is destruction.

Delsin Rowe: No, "this" is self-defense, man. The roadblock was set up to attack them!

Reggie Rowe: Because they're Bio-Terrorists.

Delsin Rowe: Well, it didn't stop them, and it's not gonna stop this bad boy either. ...Man, this is like a post-apocalyptic Vegas. Wonder if that power comes in any other colors.

(Delsin approaches a strange, glowing machine.)

Delsin Rowe: Well, this must be the mothership.

(The glowing essence of the machine is suddenly absorbed right into Delsin's hands. Power surges through him, and in the process, he gains a new power: the ability to shoot smoky fireballs, just like Hank.)

Reggie Rowe: Jesus, Delsin! You okay??

Delsin Rowe: Okay? I'm better than okay, man! I think I may've picked up a new trick!

(Delsin fires a Smoke Shot at a tracker drone with a grin.)

Delsin Rowe: Yup! New! Oh yeah, definitely new and improved.

Reggie Rowe: Delsin, this is not "improved", man! We're trying to fix the problems you already have, not add new ones.

Delsin Rowe: What, you think Augustine is just sitting on her ass? I gotta power up if I'm gonna go toe-to-toe with Concrete Queen.

Reggie Rowe: Hey, I'm hoping to avoid that! Listen, there might be another way to get to Augustine.

Delsin Rowe: What other way?? What other way?

Reggie Rowe: Hey, I have a few connections here in Seattle, alright? Some in the police force--

Delsin Rowe: No, no, no, no. This is not the point where "Reggie swoops in and makes everything alright." This is not your problem to fix. It is mine.

Female Citizen: [in the distance] Hello? Is somebody there? Can you hear me??

Delsin Rowe: There! Perfect. You wanna help someone? Go save Damsel in Distress.

Reggie Rowe: That's not--

Female Citizen: Anyone? Please?

Reggie Rowe: ...Alright. Fine. We'll both go--

Delsin Rowe: Oh, no no no! You go play Supercop! I'll catch up with you in a minute.

Reggie Rowe: ...Alright, but don't go anywhere. And for God's sake, don't touch anything.

(Delsin mouthes "don't touch anything" to himself right as Reggie says it. You know full well Reggie's said this to him before. Reggie rushes off to help the woman while Delsin looks around the wreckage of Scully Trail.)

Delsin Rowe: Psh. I'm gonna touch EVERYTHING. And you're up first, little guy.

(He runs up to the tracker drone he shot down and absorbs the Blast Shard within.)

Delsin Rowe: ...Oookay, yeah, that could definitely be habit-forming!

(He tries shooting down another Tracker Drone nearby, but he's out of juice.)

Delsin Rowe: Hey, I was still usin' that! ...Maybe I just need to refill the smoke tank.

(He absorbs the smoke out of a wrecked car.)

Delsin Rowe: Oh yeah. This should do the trick.

(He shoots down three more Tracker Drones and gets three Blast Shards out of it.)

Delsin Rowe: Man, once we hit the city, I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for these things!

Reggie Rowe: [phone] Hey, Delsin. I need you up here.

Delsin Rowe: You won't believe what that beeping was!

Reggie Rowe: Just get up here, okay? I found a bus full of relief workers that's stuck. I'm trying to convince them to abandon the bus, but they don't want to leave all the medical supplies up top.

Delsin Rowe: Just tell 'em to hang tight. I'll clear the way.

Reggie Rowe: Delsin! I know what you're thinking, and don't--

Delsin Rowe: Hey, I just took out a fleet of high-tech beeping blue things, I think I can deal with a few rocks.

(His Smoke Shots aren't powerful enough to destroy the concrete barriers at first.)

Delsin Rowe: This is gonna take forever. There's gotta be a faster way.

(Delsin Cinder Blasts the concrete barriers down.)

Delsin Rowe: I. Am. Unstoppable!

Reggie Rowe: [phone] Delsin, I told you not to--

Delsin Rowe: Sorry, Reg! Can't hear you over the sound of my heroics!

(The Helping Hand bus starts moving, Delsin jumping up top.)

Reggie Rowe: [phone] Delsin, I'm not--

Delsin Rowe: Oops, lost you. Must've hit the mute button.

(Delsin clears more and more concrete barriers out of the way for the bus as it moves its way down Scully Trail.)

Delsin Rowe: Looks like the rest of the way is clear. Time to ride this thing straight into Seattle.

(Reggie's the one driving the relief bus. When Delsin marches up to the door of the bus, Reggie won't open it, instead calling Delsin on his phone even though he's right outside.)

Delsin Rowe: Dude. Reggie, open up, let's go.

(Reggie gestures to his phone.)

Delsin Rowe: Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.

(Delsin answers his phone anyway.)

Delsin Rowe: Hellooo?

Reggie Rowe: Delsin. We've got a problem. Some of the people on the bus, they saw you doing your super-thingy to clear the way.

Delsin Rowe: And?

Reggie Rowe: And... they're afraid of you.

Delsin Rowe: What??

Reggie Rowe: Look, I told you, man. Bio-Terrorists aren't... especially popular.

Delsin Rowe: So, what, am I like Rosa Parks and they want me to sit in the back of the bus??

Reggie Rowe: No, they want you to sit... outside the bus. Look... they don't want you in here, alright? They said if you come on, they're gonna get off.

(Delsin, reasonably offended, smacks at the glass pane of the bus door.)

Delsin Rowe: Then let 'em walk! I don't care! You think I can't break this door down-?!

Reggie Rowe: You are *not* gonna do that. These people have never seen anything like you before, and they're scared. All right? And I can't blame them--

Relief Worker: He said he's going to break down the door! Go-!!

Reggie Rowe: SIR! Just give me a second! [on phone] ...Look. Just let me run them across the bridge. I'll come back for you, alright? It'll take five minutes.

(Delsin looks distraught.)

Reggie Rowe: ...Come on, man. I can't let you on the bus. Five minutes.

(Reggie makes a gesture that says "I'm sorry, I promise I'll come back for you." Delsin reluctantly backs down and gestures back to Reggie, the big brother ruefully driving the bus on ahead and leaving Delsin behind. Reggie calls Delsin back.)

Reggie Rowe: [phone] Listen, just switch on the GPS tracker on your phone, just in case we get separated.

Delsin Rowe: Oh, you mean like... right now?

(Delsin rolls his eyes and does so. He decides to give himself a head start and starts jogging ahead. Remnants of Fetch and Eugene's trail of destruction can be seen all around, Neon and Video trails lingering on the trail.)

Female Overhead Voice: Attention. The scheduled decommission of the 520 Bridge, by order of the D.U.P., will begin shortly. All vehicles and individuals are ordered to immediately evacuate the roadway.

Delsin Rowe: ...That sounds like useful information.

(When Reggie calls him back, the signal is starting to break up.)

Reggie Rowe: [phone] Delsin, I got the aid workers across... [...] The D.U.P.-- [...] Clearing the bridge... [...] Coming back for you, so...

Delsin Rowe: Reggie, you there? What's going on? Hello??

(Delsin rushes into the tunnel to catch up with Reggie. He comes across a random person in the tunnel, looting through a car.)

Delsin Rowe: Hey! Hey! You guys need any help?

Looter: Oh shit-- a Bio-Terrorist! Hey! It's one of those freaks!

Delsin Rowe: -sigh- It's okay---

(The looter suddenly shoots at him.)

Delsin Rowe: WHOA! No-no-no-no-!!

(He's shot twice in the chest. Delsin falls over... but he's back up on his feet in no time at all, with a big grin on his face.)

Delsin Rowe: [chuckles] Oh, this fast-healing stuff is gonna come in real handy.

(Delsin begins fighting his way through the tunnel, shooting at the looters that try to kill him with Smoke Shots, Cinder Blasts, and chain-whips.)

Looter 1: How's he still alive?!

Looter 2: Kill him!

Delsin Rowe: Shoot me like that? Big mistake.

(Other things that can be said during the fight:)

Looter: Find your own cars! These are ours!

Looter: I ain't backin' down from no freak!

Looter: We got him outnumbered!

Looter: Show him whose tunnel this is!

Delsin Rowe: [in response] It's mine now.

Delsin Rowe: Look. I just wanna get through the tunnel.

(Delsin proves to be too strong for the looters, and the last one remaining throws down his gun and surrenders.)

Helpless Looter: Okay, okay, okay! I give up, okay? Just don't hurt me!

(Delsin has the choice of subduing or murdering the looter.)

Delsin [SUBDUE]: See? We're not all monsters. Spread the word. Delsin [MURDER]: Should've said "please".

(Delsin pushes ahead. All of a sudden, a massive shockwave blows dust through the tunnel.)

Delsin Rowe: Oh, this is gonna suck--!!

(In the aftermath of the blast, emergency lights flare up around the tunnel. Delsin coughs and makes a break for it.)

Delsin Rowe: What the hell just happened?! Reggie?? Oh man, answer me!

(Delsin finally emerges on the other side of the tunnel... revealing an utterly ruined bridge, the concrete broken and forming jagged mountains across the length of the 520 Bridge.)

Delsin Rowe: Oh. My God. This... was a bridge??

(Helicopters fly overhead. Delsin decides to take their lead across the gradually-sinking behemoth of a bridge.)

Delsin Rowe: I'm comin', Reg.

(Delsin crosses part of the destroyed bridge and runs across one of those glowing machines from before, a "Core Relay").

Delsin Rowe: C'mon, Core Relay, work your magic!

(Delsin finds several other Core Relays scattered across the bridge, and learns how to Car Jump and fly using his Thrusters. He tries out the Car Jump first.)

Delsin Rowe: Worth a shot!

(He jumps while standing on top of the car and then launches himself high into the air.)

Delsin Rowe: Okay, Cosmos! Keep 'em coming!

(Delsin uses his Thrusters to hover over various gaps in the bridge; Betty gives him a call in the middle of his run. If the player has Good Karma:)

Betty: [phone] Delsin, what's this I hear about you and your brother taking off to Seattle?

Delsin Rowe: It's really not a good time, Betty!

Betty: Oh, okay. You just be careful. And have fun!

Delsin Rowe: I will. Bye, Betty.

(If the player has Bad Karma:)

Betty: Delsin Rowe.

Delsin Rowe: Kind of a bad time, Betty!

Betty: You took off before I was through talking to you.

Delsin Rowe: Well, y'know. I had plans.

Betty: I heard you and Reggie were heading to Seattle of all places.

Delsin Rowe: Hold still--!! Really gotta go, Betty! Love ya!

(Delsin smoke-dashes and glides through the air to cross over huge gaps.)

Delsin Rowe: Hang in there, Delsin. Almost across...!

(The bridge continues to collapse around him.)

Delsin Rowe: Cut it out, devil bridge!

(As Delsin nears the end of the bridge... he suddenly sees the bus full of relief workers poised over the edge.)

Delsin Rowe: Oh my god, the bus... Reggie!!!

(The bus falls into the ocean.)

Delsin Rowe: REGGIE!

(Terrified at the prospect of losing his brother, Delsin looks all around... and he sees Reggie at the edge of a sinking, collapsing slab of concrete. Reggie takes a leap of faith and jumps for a nearby pier, just barely managing to catch onto the edge of the stone dock but not having enough strength to pull himself up just yet.)

Reggie Rowe: ...Delsin! Little help here!

(Delsin rushes over to save Reggie before he falls. This is all foreshadowing for a later scene. Delsin chuckles and grins as he looks at Reggie struggling to lift himself up.)

Delsin Rowe: It's that pitching arm again, huh?

Reggie Rowe: Delsin.

Delsin Rowe: Alright, alright, alright... c'mon! I got you!

(Delsin lifts Reggie to his feet, and just like that, the two brothers managed to make it across the bridge in the nick of time. Reggie looks back at what used to be the 520.)

Reggie Rowe: Thanks for the hand. Wow. You seem to be getting the hang of your, uh... new symptoms.

Delsin Rowe: Right? Of course, the only downside being that, ah... Nope! Can't think of anything! This is pretty freaking awesome!

Reggie Rowe: Really? No downside? How about those heavily-armed guys, over there, that now want to hurt you. Real bad. That a downside? Yeah. Now look, for all we know, we may be able to pass you through their security because you're not a normal Bio-Terrorist.

Delsin Rowe: Normal? No, no, if by 'normal' you mean the sheep that they try to line up so that they can probe them? No, Reggie. I'm not normal! And did you see what I did on that bridge? We can take these guys!

Reggie Rowe: I know! I did! Look, let's just see if we can sneak you through their checkpoints first, alright? It'll make getting around the city a lot easier.

Delsin Rowe: ...Okay, fine, fine. We'll do it your way. All subtle.

Welcome to Seattle[]

Reggie Rowe: Listen, promise me you'll play it cool up ahead.

Delsin Rowe: Hey, they used to call me "Mr. Cool."

Reggie Rowe: No one has ever once called you that. Ever.

Delsin Rowe: Are you really worried about this?

Reggie Rowe: Look, these D.U.P. guys may not have the same level of power that you... that "natural Bio-Terrorists" have, but the government infused 'em all with enough power to do some serious damage. [Note: the subtitles read - "Look, the D.U.P. may have only infused their troops with a little power, but it's still enough to crush you and me to a pulp." Probably a take that went unused and was included by error.]

Delsin Rowe: Well, you have just officially ruined my Seattle vacation.

(Delsin and Reggie approach the surprisingly huge checkpoint station.)

Delsin Rowe: How long did you say I was out for?

Reggie Rowe: One week.

Delsin Rowe: Wow. That means the D.U.P. put all this up in...?

Reggie Rowe: Yup.

Delsin Rowe: Well, they've kept busy!

(Delsin and Reggie walk into their respective lanes.)

Reggie Rowe: Once we're through, I'll check with a couple of my cop buddies, try to get access to the police databases. In the meantime, I need you to just... lay low. Might spook 'em if I show up with a Bio-Terrorist.

Delsin Rowe: Okayyy, bossman.

Reggie Rowe: [to soldier] This is a registered firearm! I'm a police officer!

Checkpoint Soldier: Of course. This lane please, officer.

Delsin Rowe: Jeez. Won't let me on his bus, won't let me meet his friends...

Prerecorded Female Voice: Please place your finger on the scanner.

(Reggie passes through the scanning station just fine. When it's Delsin's turn, however...)


Delsin Rowe: -deep sigh- Best two out of three?

Soldier: We have a breach at the 520 Processing Station--!!

Reggie Rowe: DELSIN! RUN!

(Reggie attacks and tackles one of the checkpoint soldiers down, and Delsin is quick to attack the other.)

Delsin Rowe: To hell with that!

D.U.P. Soldier: Cut off their advance! Do not let them into the city!

Reggie Rowe: Delsin! Stay behind cover!

Delsin Rowe: Don't tell me how to fight!

(Delsin and Reggie fight their way through the D.U.P. stations and barricades.)

Delsin Rowe: Reg! Up on the towers!

Reggie Rowe: I see 'em! Remember, the civilians are innocent!

(After a lengthy battle, Delsin defeats the D.U.P. checkpoint soldiers, but gets separated from Reggie in the process.)

Reggie Rowe: [phone] Delsin! We got separated - you okay?

Delsin Rowe: Me? I'm fine and dandy! Like you said... laying low.

Reggie Rowe: Just-- keep laying low. I'll call when I've got something.

(Due to the chaos of the battle, citizens are running away from the bridge.)

Female Civilian: The Bio-Terrorist is after us!

Delsin Rowe: No-no-no-- wait! I come in peace!

Female Civilian: The D.U.P. is our only hope!

(The citizens try fleeing into a command-center checkpoint for safety, but the D.U.P. refuses to let them in.)

Catwalk Soldier: Return to your homes now, or we will open fire!

(They begin opening fire on the citizens, with bullets and tear gas. Delsin attacks them back.)

Delsin Rowe: Hey, what the hell?! You're supposed to be protecting them from *me*!

Reggie Rowe: [phone] Delsin. I got access to the Seattle Police database. Turns out, the D.U.P. has eyes and ears everywhere.

Delsin Rowe: Well, then let's gouge out their eyes and slice off their ears!

Reggie Rowe: Alright, I've got you on my GPS. You're not far from one of their mobile command centers. If you can shut that down, it'll limit their ability to track your movements.

Delsin Rowe: "Mobile command center"? Got it! So... what exactly does one of those look like?

Reggie Rowe: Well, it should be a large, heavily-armored mobile unit with side ports and major communications gear on top.

Delsin Rowe: Alright, I think I see it. Badass RV with lights and metal crap on top.

Reggie Rowe: Okay, great. There should be vent panels along the sides. If you blow out enough of those, the core should overheat and be exposed.

Delsin Rowe: Okay! Blow out the panels, got it.

(Delsin defeats the D.U.P. guards around the command center and destroys the power core. Cameras begin to deactivate across the district.)

Female Citizen: Look! He turned off that camera! Now the D.U.P. can't see us!

(An armored APC drives up to the scene... and a heavy gunner steps out with thick-plates armor and a huge minigun.)

Delsin Rowe: Ah. You must be back-up. I think I prefer the smaller guys!

(The heavy gunner and a squadron of backup soldiers attack Delsin.)

Delsin Rowe: They are really stepping up their game!

(Delsin manages to defeat the D.U.P. reinforcements.)

Reggie Rowe: [phone] Hey, Delsin! Y'know, I just realized: all the DUPs have concrete powers, right? So, hey, all you have to do is drain one of 'em and we can go home! And if it doesn't work... it'll mean you were wrong about that and we can still go home?

(Delsin looks among the D.U.P. he either subdued or killed.)

Delsin Rowe: ...How about you, big fella?

(Delsin tries draining him... but it ain't working.)

Delsin Rowe: Ah, crap...

Reggie Rowe: Well? Did it work?

Delsin Rowe: Uh... no time to check! I got DUPs coming at me from every direction!

Reggie Rowe: Then get the hell out of there!

Delsin Rowe: Yeah-- great advice!

Catching Smoke[]

(Delsin calls Reggie on the phone.)

Delsin Rowe: Alright Reg, hate to ask but...any of your besties in blue know anything about this Core Relays?

Reggie Rowe: [Phone] Yea well, apparently they've got them set up all over town. The Seattle PD's been keeping an eye on them since the D.U.P. won't tell them what they do.

Delsin Rowe: But, you can find out where they all are?

Reggie Rowe: [Phone] Sure, like I said--

Delsin Rowe: Good. I need you to sent the locations on my phone.

Reggie Rowe: [Phone] What, so you can keep tapping them for more powers? No, forget it.

Delsin Rowe: own brother wants me to fight the ultra-mega-bio-terrorist of all time with less powers.

Reggie Rowe: [Phone] Look. I didn't say that--

Delsin Rowe: Well, guess I shouldn't put it off then. Better go straight onto Augustin now and get it over with. Not sure what's gonna happen...

Reggie Rowe: [Phone] Alright alright, I get it. Look, just stay away from Augustine and I'll send you the ones I know of.

(The map then shows 3 new stars for the Core Relays)

Delsin Rowe: [Phone] Thanks, Reg. You're the best brother ever.

(Reggie chuckles sarcastically)

Reggie Rowe: [Phone] No, the best brother ever would lock you in a closet back in Salmon Bay for the rest of your life.

Delsin Rowe: Wow, not sure how a closet can hold a Conduit for long, but I appreciate your wanting to lock me up.

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The Gauntlet[]

Reggie Rowe: Okay Delsin, I got some information on the D.U.P's central communications network. There's a central antenna so they can coordinate the movements of all the smaller districts.

Delsin Rowe: Alright, any idea where this central communication thing is?

Reggie Rowe: Well, you did say you wanted to see it while you were here...

Delsin Rowe: Shut up! Space Needle?

Reggie Rowe: Space Needle.

(Upon reaching the mission marker)

Delsin Rowe: Ok, Reg. I'm here and you were right. The Needle's tricked out with all kinds of electrical crap and what looks like a bad aluminium sliding job.

Reggie Rowe: You're gonna have to get to the top of the Needle.

Delsin Rowe: It's a nice day, I'll just climb to the top.

Reggie Rowe: Climb. No. No. No. Don't be crazy!

Delsin Rowe: Hey man, it's not "crazy" to be awesome.

(After starting to climb the Space Needle.)

Delsin Rowe: Hey Reg... hypothetical, you know, theoretical, totally "what if" question here, but what would be the explanation for how i might be able to draw the power from some Conduits, say, oh I don't know... Hank, and not others, like... one of these D.U.P Troopers?

Reggie Rowe: Oh my god, so you DID try earlier!

Delsin Rowe: Hey! I'm not looking for an "I told you so" here, Reg. I'm just looking for... an answer.

(An elevator falls)

Delsin Rowe: Thought the DUPs had those locked down.

(After climbing a bit more)

Reggie Rowe: Well, I suppose that "hypothetically theoretically" it could be you can only drain powers from a Conduit who has them naturally... a "Prime" Conduit like Hank, or hopefully, Augustine. The D.U.P guys all got their weaker powers from Augustine, so maybe they can't pass them on, even to you.

Delsin Rowe: So you're saying we have to keep going. Read you loud and clear.

Reggie Rowe: Don't push it! And next time... don't lie to me, ok? Trust your brother a little more than that, will ya?

(After reaching the electrical wire)

Delsin Rowe: Man, this stuff's even uglier from the inside. Looking forward to taking THIS stuff down.

(If Delsin has Good Karma)

Betty: Hey there. It's Betty. Where are you?

Delsin Rowe: Hi Betty. I'm at the Space Needle.

Betty: Oh, I'll try back later, then. Bring me a postcard.

Delsin Rowe: If the gift shops open. Bye, Betty.

Betty: Bye-bye, Dear.

(If Delsin has Evil Karma)

Betty: Delsin Rowe, you hung up on me before.

Delsin Rowe: Sorry Betty, but uh-

Betty: Don't tell me... "this is a bad time, too."

Delsin Rowe: Actually, at the moment I'm... kinda climbing up the outside of the Space Needle.

Betty: Well, if you don't want to talk to me, just say so.

Delsin Rowe: Gonna have to call you back, Betty.

(Reaching the vent to the top of Space Needle)

Delsin Rowe: Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.

(After taking the vent up to the rooftop.)

Delsin Rowe: This is more like it. Reg, I'm on the observation deck.

Reggie Rowe: Don't let your guard down.

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Chasing the Light[]

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Go Fetch[]

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Light it Up[]

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Trash the Stash[]

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Fight Intolerants[]

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The Test[]

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The Fan[]

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Reggie Takes Flight[]

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Heaven's Hellfire[]

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Zero to Hero[]

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Flight of Angels[]

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Hunting the Hunters[]

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The Return[]

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Quid Pro Quo[]

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Expose Augustine[]

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Audio logs[]

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Cole's Legacy[]

Cole's Legacy, Part 1[]

DELSIN ROWE: (answering phone) Yeah, who’s this?

RAYMOND WOLFE: Raymond Wolfe, the reporter.

DELSIN ROWE: Woah, like the Raymond Wolfe? The guy who cracked the military’s real involvement with the Empire City catastrophe?

RAYMOND WOLFE: Good, you’ve heard of me. That’ll make this easier. I need your help. Go to the Sun Dial park, and I’ll tell you more about it.

(MISSION PROMPT: Get to Sun Dial Park)

DELSIN ROWE: Alright man, I’m here. So what do you need?

RAYMOND WOLFE: My editor has been captured by the DUP. He’s being questioned as we speak. I’m still looking into where he’s being held, but in the meantime, I need you to pick up my most recent story. The DUP are looking for it and I don’t want it falling into their hands.

DELSIN ROWE: Sure man, how do I find it?

RAYMOND WOLFE: The markers to the drop site are a series of fish stickers I placed that point to the direction. Just follow the fish stickers.

(MISSION PROMPT: Follow the Fish)


DUP AGENT: (sometime during the fight with Delsin) The report’s around here somewhere. Find it!

( MISSION PROMPT: Find Wolfe’s report)

RAYMOND WOLFE: (on recording) Cole’s Gift: Short Lived or Just Beginning, by Raymond Wolfe. It’s common knowledge that when Cole MacGrath died he not only cured the plague that was sweeping the world, but took every conduit with him to his grave. What we didn’t know was that this would be temporary. Within a year, rumors emerged of the return of the conduit gene. Some believed that the plague had survived and mutated, this time creating conduits rather than killing normals. Some believed that not all the conduits were actually killed, that a few remained and were somehow able to spread their abilities. I’ve personally looked into both of these urban legends and have yet to find any proof of either of them. Which is why I’m here in Seattle. I believe the DUP know more than they are letting on.

DELSIN ROWE: Wow, that was informative.

RAYMOND WOLFE: That’s why I’m here. There’s more to this story and I think Augustine and the DUP have the key. I’m going to need your help to figure it out. I’ll be in touch.

DELSIN ROWE: uh, thanks—or, you’re welcome, I guess.

Cole's Legacy, Part 2[]

DELSIN ROWE: Yeah, hello—

RAYMOND WOLFE: (on phone) Delsin, I’ve gotten a tip on the whereabouts of my editor. He’s at the docs about to be shipped out to a secret location. I can’t express to you how important it is for us to get him before he’s on that boat.

DELSIN ROWE: Hey, don’t even sweat, man. I got this. You must have really been working on something serious to have the DUP comin’ after you.

RAYMOND WOLFE: We were trying to get to the bottom of how the conduits came back. Haven’t you ever wondered how you got your powers?

DELSIN ROWE: Not…really, no. I mean, one day I was just a badass and the next day I was a badass with powers.

RAYMOND WOLFE: The reports my editor and I were getting was that the DUP had a hand in the mass spread of the conduit gene over the last five to six years. I believe that they somehow figured out what was making the conduits return and they figured out how to harness or capture it and bend it to their will. Thus, all the DUP sanctioned conduits you see today.

DELSIN ROWE: Oh, so, basically make something you can’t control and then try to control it…sounds just like the DUP. Hey I’ll get your editor man, don’t worry.


RAYMOND WOLFE: (After DUP APC explodes) Delsin, get out of there! Someone set me up! It’s a trap!

DELSIN ROWE: Gee, you think?


DELSIN ROWE: (after defeating all DUP agents) Wolfe, what the hell was that? These guys totally ambushed me!

RAYMOND WOLFE: No, Delsin, the ambush was meant for me. You just happened to be the one who showed up. The DUP was trying to kill me.

DELSIN ROWE: Well, I’ll tell ya, all they did was manage to piss me off. Let me know if you uncover anything else you need my help with.

Cole's Legacy, Part 3[]

DELSIN ROWE: Yeah, hello?

RAYMOND WOLFE: (on phone) Delsin, I want you to meet a friend, but I need you to control your trigger finger.

DELSIN ROWE: Who the hell is your friend?


DELSIN ROWE: So, all of a sudden, you trust them? What, didn’t they just try to kill you?

RAYMOND WOLFE: Don’t make the same mistake they make, Delsin. Every group is made up of people and this one person wants to help us.

DELSIN ROWE: Fine, fine, I’ll try and control myself.

RAYMOND WOLFE: Good. He’ll escort you to a secret DUP meeting. I have no idea what they’re going to be discussing, but it must be big for them to meet like this. Feel free to express how you feel about them trying to blow you up.

(MISSION PROMPT: Meet DUP informant)

DELSIN ROWE: I guess I’m supposed to follow you—hey, wait up!

(MISSION PROMPT: Follow DUP informant)

DUP INFORMANT: The meeting’s down there. You’re on your own. Good luck.

(MISSION PROMPT: Break Up Meeting)

(MISSION PROMPT: Collect DUP Intelligence)

BROOKE AUGUSTINE: Report by Augustine. While the inciting incident that supposedly claimed the lives of all the conduits was in fact a lie, it was not one created by the DUP. Conduits did live through Cole’s Gift, myself included. Instead, we used the calm to build, learn, and prepare. We got better at early detection and collection. Curdun Cay’s facilities were upgraded and we built an army. The events here in Seattle will ensure the DUP will be funded for the foreseeable future. This will allow me to expand our facilities abroad. We have made an excellent headway on establishing a permanent science facility in Australia. The work we’ve already done there using Dr. Sebastian Wolfe’s notes on the conduit is, well, awe inspiring, even to me.

DELSIN ROWE: Heh, Sebastian Wolfe, and you’re Raymond Wolfe. What are the odds?

RAYMOND WOLFE: He was my brother.

DELSIN ROWE: Oh, sorry man.

RAYMOND WOLFE: Don’t worry about it. I’m going to talk to my contacts about getting to Australia. I’ll be in touch, Delsin. Thanks for your help.

Cole’s Legacy, Part 4[]

RAYMOND WOLFE: (on phone) Delsin, there’s someone I want you to talk with. He’s been a useful source for me and a powerful force in the anti-DUP resistance movement.

ZEKE DUNBAR: (on phone) Hey, buddy. You don’t know me and that’s likely for the best. I was there at the beginning. Well anyway, I’ve got some advice for ya if you’re willing to listen to an old hound dog like me.

DELSIN ROWE: Doesn’t sound like I have much of a choice.

ZEKE DUNBAR: Great! Great. Anyway…I’m sure you’ve got a lot of questions about what’s going on with your body. Your hormones are all on fire and you just want to explode.

DELSIN ROWE: Woah, man, what are you talking about?

ZEKE DUNBAR: But you’ve got to keep in all that conduit juice. It’s dangerous. You understand me? Now when the time is right, you will find the right person to direct it towards and that moment is going to be a turning point for you, my friend. It’ll be like a big firework sandwich and you just want to make sure you are safe about biting into that firework sandwich, because it’s gonna have fireworks in it…could be bad. You follow me?

DELSIN ROWE: No, not exactly.

ZEKE DUNBAR: Great. Good talk, good talk. Now you take care of yourself buddy.

Cole's Legacy - Finale[]

DELSIN ROWE: Yeah, who’s this?

RAYMOND WOLFE: Delsin! They found me. I need your help. NOW!

(MISSION PROMPT: Get to Wolfe’s Location)

(MISSION PROMPT: Investigate Wolfe’s Body)

(MISSION PROMPT: Follow the Fish)

RAYMOND WOLFE: (on dead drop) Delsin, if you’re hearing this, then I’m dead. I have a final request for you. Take all the photos, notes, and evidence to Zeke. He’ll make sure it gets out to the people. And Delsin, watch your actions. They will not only define you, but the whole world. Don’t be so hard on your brother. I spent the last decade trying to prove mine was responsible for all the bad that’s happened in the world. It’s not worth it. Raymond Wolfe signing off.

DELSIN ROWE: Who is calling me…

ZEKE DUNBAR: (on phone) Delsin, it’s Zeke. I just heard…how can I help?

DELSIN ROWE: Yeah, he said I should give you his notes. So where should we meet?

ZEKE DUNBAR: Great. Now I can get them out to the people who need them. Now, as far as meeting up…now don’t take this the wrong way but I kinda got this whole undercover thing going on right now and being seen with you wouldn’t be the best for my image…or, lack of one, you know? I’ll send you the location for a dead drop and I’ll take it from there.

(MISSION PROMPT: Deliver Wolfe’s Notes)

DELSIN ROWE: Alright, I dropped off all his notes. What are you going to do with them?

ZEKE DUNBAR: (on phone) There’s a group of us, we all met online. We’ve been chipping away at the DUP’s armor. With any luck, Wolfe’s notes will show us a weak spot. Either way, don’t be surprised if you start seeing all of this stuff out on the interwebs. I’ll be in touch—and hey, Cole would be proud.

DELSIN ROWE: Uh cool, thanks. Talk to you later, Zeke.

Paper Trail[]

This section requires expansion.


Delsin Rowe[]

Delsin Rowe: [destroying a camera] Peeping toms.

Delsin Rowe: [if Delsin tries scanning himself on the D.U.P. scanner again] Yup! Still a Conduit!

Delsin Rowe: [low on energy] Runnin' on fumes here.

Delsin Rowe: [while using his power] Man, that feels good!

Delsin Rowe: Okay-- time out. Take a break.

Delsin Rowe: [if a heavy soldier is in a concrete cocoon] I know you're in there!



Why won't anyone help??


For God's sake, someone help us! Please, let me go! My husband will be worried!


Lost visual contact!


Reporter: A group of Senators today called for hearings to reconsider the planned transfer of responsibility for containing the Bio-Terrorist Menace from the D.U.P. to the military. In light of the recent escape of three Bio-Terrorists during what was to be the first of many transfer of prisoners from the D.U.P. containment station at Curdun Cay to a military prison in Northwest Washington, the Senators are questioning whether the cost-cutting move might be a case of "a penny wise is a pound foolish". The unfolding events in Seattle have many citizens worried that the military's ineptitude can lead to a return of the nightmare era seven years ago, when free Bio-Terrorists posed a threat to the security of the entire nation. For USTV News, I'm Charles Sandahl.