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Secrets revealed is the 31st story mission in inFamous

Starting The Mission

Upon Beginning the mission, John White will contact Cole asking him to meet him at a location in the Warren, telling him to bring no one else to avoid compromising his position. After contacting a surprised Moya to inform her that John has contacted him, she tells him that John has scrambled his signal so Cole needs to keep her informed.

Finding John

Afterwards helicopter appears, searching for John and Moya tells Cole that it may be the First Sons after him so he needs to reach John quickly. Cole uses induction grind to to follow the chopper across the Warren and reaches John. Despite the chopper claiming to be there to extract John he shoots at it, shouting that they won't bring him in, before the chopper is hit with a projectile and explodes.

Karma Moment

The Golem which had attacked the chopper lifts a gas tank to launch at Cole, with several injured civilians at it's feet and a short karmic cutscene ensues.


Cole can allow the gas tank to be thrown at him causing high damage and slowing his movement, but sparing the civilians from the explosion. This won't greatly disadvantage Cole as he can drain to remove the damage.


Cole can shoot the gas tank which will remove the Golem's arm for the remainder of the battle, which will give Cole an advantage, but killing the civilians.

John is missing

After defeating the Golem Cole will shout to John that it is safe to come out. After receiving no response, he will run to the bus John was hiding behind to find that John is missing at which point the mission will end. After the mission, John will contact Cole again.




  • In the Good karma choice, using shockwave on the gas tank will avoid injury and still grant positive karma.


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