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Cole entering a sewer.

The sewers of Empire City (post-blast), had become a makeshift hospital, as well as a home for the poor and those hiding from the criminality destroying the city above. They were also the location of the majority of the city's substations.



The manholes covering entrances to the sewers usually lied in the darkened parts of the city, surrounded by a plethora of enemies.

Cole defeats a Reaper.

Cole MacGrath used these entrances to gain access to the sewers in his missions to restore power to the districts of Empire City. The first time he entered the sewers was during a very important mission "Blood Trail." There he had to locate an engineer named Brandon Carey, and inform him of his wife's death in order for him to let him by. After telling him this, the grieving Carey let Cole pass.

To restore power to each section of the city, Cole had to first re-establish the circuit using his own body, an action that would give him new powers every time he did it. Once the circuit was dealt with, Cole had to travel further through each sewer system to find and recharge the substations before the power was restored.

Infamous: DC Comics

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  • The sewers are only accessible to Cole during story missions.
  • Citizens are only seen living in the sewers in the mission "Blood Trail."
  • Gang members of each respective island seem to be patrolling the sewers. This might be to stop Cole from bringing the power back on, or for other unknown reasons. Though in the Historic District, the substations are located above ground, so Cole does not travel through the sewers to restore power in that area.



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