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Shadow Swarm

Shaow swarm
Cole using Shadow Swarm.
Location obtained: New Marais
Attributed to: Vampiric abilities
Upgradeable: No
Appears in: Infamous: Festival of Blood
Shadow Swarm is a new power introduced in Festival of Blood as one of Cole's new Vampiric abilities.


Shadow Swarm allows Cole to form himself into a swarm of bats to fly around New Marais. The more the Corruption Meter is full the longer Cole can use it, which forces Cole to bite people or stake Vampires to be able to use it. Shadow Swarm can be upgraded to instantly kill lesser Vampires, and cause significant damage to Firstborns when Cole flies into them.

Notable Users


  • It replaces the Precision power from Infamous and Infamous 2, as it uses the up-button.
  • This is the first flight power Cole has gained, where other Conduits have demonstrated Teleportation, which is similar.



Infamous: Festival of Blood

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