For the grenades in the second game, see Grenades.

Shock Grenade is a power in Infamous. It is a small explosive ball of electricity that can stick to people and other objects. It is made by charging up a small unit of electricity to critical mass, thus creating an explosion. It uses up two Battery Cores.




Cole using Shock Grenade in Infamous.

Good Karma

The Guardian rank upgrade increases the amount of time that someone stays on the ground after being hit by a Shock Grenade. The Champion rank upgrade allows Cole to increase both the damage and blast radius of the Shock Grenade when it explodes. The Hero rank upgrade further increases the damage caused by the Shock Grenade, as well as automatically performing Arc Restraint on knocked-down enemies, providing Cole with both the Good Karma and experience that comes with Arc Restraint.

Evil Karma

The Thug rank upgrade increases the amount of Shock Grenades that Cole throws by two, for a total of three Shock Grenades thrown. The Outlaw rank upgrade further increases the amount of Shock Grenades that Cole throws, bringing the total thrown to five. The Infamous rank further increases the amount of Shock Grenades thrown, bringing the total amount of thrown Shock Grenades to seven.


  • When using the Hero rank upgrade, the Arc Restraint will activate even if the opponent is dead, and still provide a Live Capture bonus, along with the Elimination bonus. However, it is possible to gain Evil Karma as the Arc Restraint will also effect citizens that are knocked down by the Shock Grenade.
  • It is possible to push Shock Grenades further using Shockwave.
  • Kessler also possesses this ability, though he uses the grenades like mines, as they only explode when the target gets close enough for them to cause damage.
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