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Shockwave is one of Cole's basic powers. It is an electric shockwave that can be used to push people and objects out of Cole's way. It can be a weak attack or a deadly one depending on the Karmic rank, and costs one and one-third battery cores worth of power to use.

Upgrades Edit

Rank Good karma Evil karma
Cost Description Cost Description
Guardian/Thug 800 xp "Reverse Magnetism - People caught in the core of the blast temporarily float in the air." 800 xp "People and objects caught in the core of the blast get electrified."
Champion/Outlaw 1800 xp "Increased blast force." 1800 xp "Increased blast force and range."
Hero/Infamous 2800 xp "Increased blast range." 3300 xp "Cars hit by the blast are electrified, causing them to explode."

Good Karma Edit

The Guardian rank upgrade allows Cole to cause people to float in slow-motion by using magnetism as a force to push against the effect of gravity. This effect will last until the person is either hit by the ground/water, a wall, or by one of Cole's attacks. The Champion rank upgrade allows Cole to put more power behind the attack, causing people and objects to be pushed farther away. The Hero rank upgrade allows Cole to increase the range of the attack.

Evil Karma Edit

The Thug rank upgrade allows Cole to electrify people and objects in the blast for moderate damage. the Outlaw rank upgrade allows Cole to increase both the force of the blast and it's range.The Infamous rank upgrade allows Cole to add more electricity to the blast, causing all non-destroyed cars to explode no matter their current state.


  • This power was originally to be called TK Blast in Infamous,[1] and seems to have gained part of its original name in Infamous 2.
  • This is the first power utilized by Cole that consumes energy from the Battery Cores.
  • The Shockwave is essential to the stunt Have a Nice Fall
  • Since Kessler was Cole's alternate timeline counterpart, he also possessed the ability. He could control the power of his shockwaves, being able to send Zeke flying, without really harming him, while injuring Cole by knocking him back a few feet.
  • The shockwave was replaced by blast in Infamous 2.

See alsoEdit

  • Blasts (inFamous 2 Shockwaves, with several variants)


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