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A side mission is a mission in which Cole MacGrath is given a task to do by a pedestrian. They are not required to complete the story and serve as side quest purposes.


Throughout the whole game there are 15 Good missions and 15 Evil missions. However, every time a Good mission is accomplished, an Evil mission is closed out (or vice versa), meaning Cole cannot activate the mission anymore. Along with the Good and Evil missions, there are neutral side missions which involve tasks such as saving hostages, "posing" for pictures, defeating a group of enemies around a clinic (which will subsequently open the clinic for Cole to use), searching for hidden packages, tailing an enemy stealthily, disabling satellite uplinks, and much more.

Infamous 2[]

User-Generated Content[]

Main article: Mission Creation

In Infamous 2, players can create their own missions, referred to as User-Generated Content (UGC). The player can create whatever type of mission they want to, with many options. They may then upload it, letting other players access and play their levels. To prevent overloading the world with missions, the player have access to a filter system, letting them filter what missions to view.

Infamous: Second Son[]

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  • Second Son has some of the same side missions as the first games, but are put into more categories, like drug deals, district showdowns, sign twirlers, street musicians, activists, etc.