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The Smith Fountain in the DC Comics.

The Smith Fountain is a large fountain found in Empire City, located in the Neon District.



The structures consists of three curved metal archways with a ball at its center. Neon lights are attached around the edgings of the metal decorations, and below the structure are two platforms where the water flows.


Cole MacGrath visited the structure once when Moya Jones informed him of the water contamination caused by the Reapers. Several civilians would often visit the area, and when the Reapers induced the water line with black tar, it rendered them sick. Trish Dailey was seen trying to help the sick civilians around the fountain.[1]


  • It is likely that after the Empire City Blast, citizens used the water in Smith Fountain as a drinking source. This led to many of them becoming infected when the water line was contaminated.
  • In Issue #1 of the DC Comics, Cole heads into the Historic District to deliver a package. However, the building he delivers the package to is next to the Smith Fountain, which is not located in the Historic District.



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