Template:Infobox mission Split Decision is a neutral side mission in the Warren, where Cole is faced with Karmic Moment.



The Dust Men took my brother, and they're stealing the Blast Shards we hid!
— Pedestrian.

Cole meets a distressed woman, whose brother has been kidnapped by Dust Men, in order to steal his Blast Shards. Cole follows her to the alley, where he notices two groups of Dust Men.

Karmic MomentEdit

I could rescue her brother and give up the shards. Or maybe I let the Dust Men haul him away, and then all of the shards are mine.
— Cole thinks about his next move.

The first squad is taking away girl's brother, and the second one is plundering his locker full of Blast Shards. Cole can go after a Dust Men taking the man away, in order to rescue him and earn Good karma, or ignore him, and go for his locker to steal his shards.

Good KarmaEdit

Cole neutralizes the kidnappers and rescues girl's brother. Woman is grafeful for his help.

Evil KarmaEdit

Cole neutralizes the looters and steals five Blast Shards from the locker. Woman is infuriated by his choice and tries to beat him up.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and reduces enemy activity in Warren.

Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous The Warren - Split Decision

InFamous The Warren - Split Decision


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