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St. Ignatius.

St. Ignatius is a large cathedral located in New Marais, named after Father Ignatius and is a prolific landmark in the city.

St. Ignatius lies at the heart of the Ville Cochon district of New Marais. The cathedral is surrounded by gardens on three sides and is elevated above street level. Around the cathedral are many areas for people to meet and there is a shrine under one of the stairwells that is in constant use by citizens looking for guidance during the cities strife. Right outside the front of the cathedral is Bertrand propaganda and a stage in which he appears on during the mission Bertrand Takes the Stage.

In the Good/Canon ending of inFamous 2, Cole is declared as 'The Patron Saint of New Marais' and Bertrand's propaganda poster is replaced by a poster of Cole.


  • It is a notable landmark for many of Cole's missions in the city, including The Final Decision (both the good and evil version).
  • The bell tower of St. Ignatius is one of the three buildings Cole must climb to achieve the Mountaineer trophy.
  • The Catacombs that run under the Cathedral are the only indoor area in which Cole is playable.
  • The Bertrand propaganda and stage outside the front of St. Ignatius are replaced with wooden platforms holding candles on Pyre Night during Infamous: Festival of Blood.



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