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Cole staking a hidden Firstborn.

Staking is a new ability in Festival of Blood that allows Cole to defeat Vampires and Hidden Vampires.


Cole stakes in a variety of ways. In the beginning of the game, he starts off with the Amp as his weapon only to lose it after being captured, though he replaces it with a cross he took from a coffin.

The stake has two usable upgrades: Shadow Stake and the later acquired the Barbed Cross, which can kill Fiends or Harpies in one hit.


  • Launching a vampire into deep water also counts as a Stake Down.
  • The attack is referred to as a "Stake Down", which looks like "Take Down" when an enemy is defeated.
  • An ultra finishing move was introduced. This move includes impaling an enemy in the chest, lifting them into the air and slamming them back to the ground again.
  • If Ultra finisher is used on a vampire, it will automatically kill it and will count as a Stake Down, thus no longer requiring a final stake.
  • It is also possible to stake two vampires at once, if two knocked out vampires on the ground are very close to each other or overlapping, if one of them is staked the both of them will be staked and be killed.


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