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A standard Dust Man.

Standard Dustmen
are the most common Dust Men encountered in the Warren District of Empire City. Standard Dust Men carry assault rifles on most occasions, however they carry a more varied selections of weapons than the other groups. As seen, they wear quilted jackets, parts of old clothes, trash bags, scrap metals, combat boots and garbage bags over their heads, and most of them wear capes made of garbage bags.

Their armor loses parts every time a Dust Man is hit by any attacks, whether electricity, bullets or rocks. Some of the guns wielded by Dust Men have sharpened metal blades on the end to act as a bayonet. They are normally colored with grays and greens, as well as the bulky, rubbish-covered type, there are also Reaper-like Dust Men without armor.


  • Dust Men are much more bulkier then the Reapers and can take much more punishments especially when it comes to melee attacks.


  • Even though they have bayonets equipped, they never use them at all, not even in close combat.
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