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A man, a plan, and an aerosol can.
Delsin Rowe, upon finishing his art.

Stencil Art is one of many Infamous: Second Son District Side Missions categories, that can be executed in order to free Seattle from D.U.P. occupation. There are 29 places, where Delsin Rowe can spray-paint inspiring artworks. Usually, a Stencil Art mini-game reduces the D.U.P.’s control in a district by 8%.

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Infamous: Second Son

When Delsin approaches a Stencil Art prompt, he will be given two choices: One for Good Karma (having blue as the secondary color), usually showing humor, child friendly-ness and Seattle pride, as well as making fun of the DUP, and one for Evil Karma (having red as the secondary color), usually showing dark humor, violence and peace-disturbing. Stencil Art will lower the D.U.P.'s control over an area by 10% and will add Karma depending on what Graffiti you chose.

Delsin will create a cardboard in the shape of the Graffiti, and each time the player will need to move his controller to paint the picture in the shape of the cardboard hole, using the motion-sensing abilities of the DualShock 4. At the end, Delsin will add the finishing touches by himself (with a few exceptions where the player finishes himself). The Graffiti work can be as small as a bird on a DUP camera, or big enough to fit a wall of a three-story building, like DUP soldiers climbing a ladder.

Delsin's creative Graffiti will usually feature using real life objects as part of the Graffiti, such as turning an ATM into a slots machine, or using a metal pipe and making it look like a man is hanging from it. The usual colors used are white, black, yellow and orange, and sometimes baby-blue and dark blue.

Queen Anne

There are two Stencil Art locations in Queen Anne.

  • Presto Strange-O (Good Karma) or Queen of Mean (Evil Karma)
  • Nut Job (Good Karma) or A Bone to Pick (Evil Karma)

Seattle Center

There are two Stencil Art locations in Seattle Center.

  • Pastree! (Good Karma) or Calimari's Revenge (Evil Karma)
  • Gnome Run (Good Karma) or Heads Will Roll (Evil Karma)


There are two Stencil Art locations in Paramount.

  • Origami Airlines (Good Karma) or Catch! (Evil Karma)
  • I Scream Cone (Good Karma) or Pop-Sicle (Evil Karma)


There are three Stencil Art locations in Belltown.

  • Flower Power (Good Karma) or Safe! (Evil Karma)
  • Pink Rain (Good Karma) or Never Stand Under an Elephant (Evil Karma)
  • Mind Over Bladder (Good Karma) or Payback (Evil Karma)

Pioneer Square

There are two Stencil Art locations in Pioneer Square.

  • Duck! (Good Karma) or Live Bait (Evil Karma)
  • School Crossing (Good Karma) or The Art of Sushi (Evil Karma)


There are two Stencil Art locations in Georgetown.

  • Lens Crap (Good Karma) or Raven Lunatic (Evil Karma)
  • Oopsie DUPsy (Good Karma) or Fish Food (Evil Karma)

Market District

There are two Stencil Art locations in Market District.

  • Stairway to Headwound (Good Karma) or You Scratch My Back (Evil Karma)
  • Straining Wheels (Good Karma) or Rock'em Sock'em Icon (Evil Karma)

Lantern District

There are three Stencil Art locations in Lantern District.

  • When Toddlers Attack (Good Karma) or Shock the Monkey (Evil Karma)
  • Beware of Dog (Good Karma) or Claw and Order (Evil Karma)
  • Sucker Bunch (Good Karma) or Barrel Full of Chunkies (Evil Karma)


There are two Stencil Art locations in Rainier.

  • Jackpot! (Good Karma) or Automatic Withdrawals (Evil Karma)
  • Ballers (Good Karma) or Trial by Fire (Evil Karma)


There are three Stencil Art locations in Waterfront.

  • T.V. Repaired (Good Karma) or Video Vagrants (Evil Karma)
  • Radio-Activity (Good Karma) or Something in the Water (Evil Karma)
  • Recess! (Good Karma) or A-Holes in the Wall (Evil Karma)

Denny Park

There is only one Stencil Art location in Denny Park.

  • Too Lifelike (Good Karma) or Bear on a Tear (Evil Karma)


There are two Stencil Art locations in Downtown.

  • Cup o' Crustacean (Good Karma) or The Spoils of War (Evil Karma)
  • Bad Boy Toy (Good Karma) or Colicky Conduit (Evil Karma)


There are three Stencil Art locations in Uptown.

  • Bird Food? (Good Karma) or Rain of Terror (Evil Karma)
  • Nice Kitty (Good Karma) or Don't Let the Cat Out (Evil Karma)
  • Time to Feed Rover (Good Karma) or Lick-in-the-Box (Evil Karma)
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