The Stone Canal Bridge was a drawbridge connecting the Neon District and the Warren in Empire City.


Cole MacGrath was contacted by Trish Dailey to find her old friend, Roger Miller, so he could repair the bridge and she could get her medical supplies to the Bayview Hospital in the Warren. Roger was held captive by the Dust Men, but Cole rescued him and then had to fend off an onslaught of Dust Men while Roger repaired the bridge. It got jammed and Cole was asked to find another engineer, Lou Purgon, so he could fix it from the other side in the Neon. The repair was successful, and Trish was able to get her medical supplies across.[1]

She later used the bridge again to make another delivery, in which Cole was required to protect her bus against an army of Reapers and Dust Men. Once they reached the hospital, Alden Tate threw Trish's bus on top of the hospital, and Cole had to climb up and rescue her.[2]


  • This is the only bridge in Empire City that cars can travel across, as the other ones are either severely damaged or completely destroyed.


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