Stranded was the fifteenth story mission in Infamous. After defeating Sasha, Cole was stranded in the Warren and needed to power up part of the district.

Story[edit | edit source]

Traveling with style.
― Cole, while using the Static Thrusters

Stranded in the Warren, Cole ventured into another sewer to locate and activate the first disabled substation on the island, to bring power back to the immediate area. Once in the sewer, Cole received a call from Moya, who shared with him some intel she picked up on the district. She explained that two days after the blast, the homeless people in the Warren had banded together and seized control of the borough, calling themselves the Dust Men. She also had a suspicion that the group was being led by an extremely powerful Conduit, therefore she warned Cole not to underestimate them.

Upon re-establishing the underground circuit, Cole gained Static Thrusters. Testing his new power, Cole glided between the platforms within the sewer, fending off any Dust Men in his path. Eventually, he reached the substation and once he fully recharged it, the power was restored to the eastern section of the Warren.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

As you make your way to the sewers, you will face several hordes of Dust Men in this powered section of the Warren. Using Shock Grenades will prove useful, but remember that your powers are limited, unless you can locate any backup generators on the rooftops.

Once you are in the sewers, head forward by crossing some pipes and platforms to reach a tunnel on the right. The circuit lies on the other side. Upon re-establishing the power, you will gain the Static Thrusters, which will help Cole navigate the rest of the sewer. Leap across the platforms ahead, then grab hold of a pipe. Jump to the platform on the left, then glide over to a barricade. A Shock Grenade will destroy this barrier, and once you pass through, you will encounter several Dust Men. However, most of them will attack you from the water. Use this to your advantage by firing Lightning Bolts at the water to kill them in an instant. Shock Grenades can also be useful as well. There is a shielded Dust Man who attacks from the next platform. Use Cole's Precision for a quick kill.

Glide down to the lone platform, then glide to the next one. By crossing the pipes, you will be able to reach a high ledge where you will be attacked by some Dust Men below, including an RPG Dust Man. You can hurl a Shock Grenade at those foes, and finish off any surviving ones with Lightning Bolts. Once you drop down, make your way across the platforms to reach another doorway. On the other end, you will find a swivel beam. Grab hold of the pipe above you and stand on it, then wait for the beam to move closer to your position. Once you glide safely over to it, wait for it to move back over, that way you can glide over to the large column that features a ladder. You will find another ladder on the other side. Ascend to the top, then jump and glide over to the next column. Climb to the top and exit from this area, using the pipes to enter the tunnel.

You will then need to cross some more swivel beams. Once you get past them, leap toward the four platforms and search for the substation. Its power box is on the other side.

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Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 15 - Stranded

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