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Street Performers are a group of pedestrians found in New Marais and Seattle.

Street performer.jpg

New Marais

Cole approaches a street performer.

Street Performers are a common sight on the streets of New Marais, entertaining the citizens by playing music or posing as statues in order to earn money. Cole can attack them for Evil karma points or just leave them be. Street Performers make their first appearance after the mission Karma's a Bitch when Zeke contacts Cole complaining about a bucket drummer.

In one side mission, Militia members will be disguised as street performers and attack Cole


Statues: The most commonly seen street performer in New Marais, the white statues are men with a fedora hat on and the bronze statues are bald men wearing a suit.

Bucket Drummer: A young man who wears a backpack and plays a drum made from an actual bucket. There is another drummer who has a beard and a blue shirt and is located only in one location on a roof in Flood Town. Zeke mentions that he encouters a good number of them during his time in New Marais.

Harmonica Player: An uncommon pedestrian found in several alleys. His appearance is that of a homeless, middle aged man.

Saxophone Player: A man who wears dark sunglasses and plays a tenor sax on several rooftops.


  • To achieve the Discerning Taste trophy, Cole must take down a street performer who is imitating a statue.
  • You can tell where a street performer is going to be by the object of which they play is on the ground near you, for example if a saxophone is on the ground then a performer will walk up to it and start playing the instrument.
  • If Cole's Karma rank is Thug or higher and approaches a performer, they will immediately attack him on sight.
  • These pedestrians can only be Bio Leeched/Arc Restrained if they trip and fall over.
  • They are the only pedestrians that can be killed with only one shot, no matter how weak it is.
  • If they have attracted a large enough crowd, they will not run away when a fight starts around them.
  • Humorously, other pedestrians will make remarks on certain performers, an example being, if Cole stands around a saxophone player for an amount of time, another pedestrian will remark "I can't believe he listens to this."
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