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Stunts are experience-rewarded actions you can utilize on an enemy in Infamous. 21 are included in the game.

Air Sticky Bomb

  • STUNT: Air Sticky Bomb is performed by hitting an airborne enemy with a Shock Grenade.
  • TIP: Use Electromagnetic Shockwave to get the enemy in the air then stick them with the Shock Grenade.
  • BONUS TIP: If done correctly one may be able to get this by using it against aura conduits to stick it on to the conduit then shooting him until he loses his aura. If done correctly the Shock Grenade will explode while he is falling.
  • EXP EARNED: 30xp

Air Strike

  • STUNT: An Air Strike is performed by killing an enemy while you are airborne.
  • TIP: The best way to do this is by jumping off a small building or a bus and use a strong attack like the Megawatt Hammer.
  • DIFFICULTY: Challenging
  • BONUS TIP: A really easy way to do this is to just find a reaper, jump off normal ground, then start shooting like crazy. Eventually, you will kill him in the air and get the stunt.
  • EXP EARNED: 5xp

Blast & Bolt

  • STUNT: Blast & Bolt is performed by launching an enemy, then while they are airborne, taking it down with a lightning bolt. In the "Trish Reaches Out" mission, Zeke refers to this as "The Crippler".
  • TIP: The best way to do this is to use the Electromagnetic Shockwave rank 1 to throw the enemy in the air and then shoot them with the Precision Lightning Bolt. Another way this stunt could be achieved is during the missions when you are in the sewers, use your upgraded Electromagnetic Shockwave to blast the enemies in the air towards a body of water so they float, then before they land continuously shock the water with your Lightning Bolt so once they land in the water they will die. This counts as a "Blast and Bolt."
  • EXP EARNED: 10xp

Crowd Control

  • STUNT: Crowd Control is performed by killing 5 enemies at once with one Shock Grenade .
  • TIP: It's a good idea to level up the Shock Grenade to rank 3. If Cole is evil he does not have to worry about hitting innocents during this stunt. Find an area with a lot of enemies and throw the Shock Grenade until you get it. An ideal place to do this is the Warren, as you can bring down large packs of Scrap Crabs with a single attack.
  • EXP EARNED: 50xp


  • STUNT: Crush is performed by smashing an enemy with an object.
  • TIP: Do this one by using the Electromagnetic Shockwave on a car to push it into an enemy.
  • DIFFICULTY: Challenging
  • EXP EARNED: 20xp

Enviro Take Down

  • STUNT: An Enviro Take Down is performed by taking out an enemy using an explosion of a propane tank or vehicle.
  • TIP: Use the Shock Grenade to blow up cars around the enemy. In the Historic District the best spot is a gas station with an enemy on it. You just have to blow up the station.
  • EXP EARNED: 10xp

Flying Head Shot

  • STUNT: A Flying Head Shot is performed by shooting an airborne enemy in the head.
  • TIP: Use the Electromagnetic Shockwave rank 1 to throw the enemy in the air and take a shot at his head. This is best done with the Precision Lightning Bolt.
  • DIFFICULTY: Challenging
  • EXP EARNED: 20xp

Flying Melee

  • STUNT: Use melee on an enemy while he is in the air.
  • TIP: Best to use after using Gigawatt Blades to send the opponent in the air, and if they are still alive hit them again. Another way to do this is to find an enemy at the edge of a roof and use a melee combo on him.
  • DIFFICULTY: Challenging
  • BONUS TIP: When evil, sometimes pedestrians will attack you. Quickly hit them with melee twice, the first one will uppercut him in the air, the second will kill him.
  • EXP EARNED: 10xp

Have A Nice Fall

  • STUNT: Have A Nice Fall is performed by knocking 3 enemies off of a building at the same time with one Electromagnetic Shockwave .
  • TIP: This is one of the hardest Stunts to achieve as there are rarely 3 enemies on the same roof. Although this IS possible to perform in the mission "Mysterious Signals." Make sure you have upgraded your Electromagnetic Shockwave and when you reach the rooftop with many Reapers, including ones with riot shields, avoid their bullets and reach their rooftop. Once there, move around to herd them into one area and unleash your Electromagnetic Shockwave. If you have upgraded it it should be powerful to knock at least 3 of them off the roof. It is easy to do this at the first part of the fight on the roof of the tower with Alden, when the first wave of enemies (3 on each side) spawn. Wait until they group and unleash. You can also achieve this stunt in the evil side missions in the Warren, Night on the Town and "Stick it to The Man", when the Reapers lead you to fight the Dust Men and Police Force respectively as many of them spawn on the same roof.
  • This stunt is easily achieved during the main storyline mission "Spy Drones" in the Warren. However, it is slightly time consuming and may often result in having to fail the mission purposely in order to do the stunt. After you take down all the drones, Moya will direct you to go to the Coleridge College Building and upload the data using a satellite uplink. There will be many enemies on the ground around the tall building and a few on the surrounding buildings. On the roof, there will be four Dust Men, the satellite, a roof-top fan system, and a built-in generator. One of the Dust Men has a Mini-gun so it is advisable to kill him first and then try to achieve the stunt with the remaining trashbaggers. Eventually the three remaining transients will be in the same area and you can let loose with your Electromatic Shockwave, but only one blast, any more than that and the stunt will not count. The fan system and generator can be charged up using the "Metal Object Recharge Technique" and then drained if Cole's health becomes critical. If you accidently kill too many transients or if your shockwave does not successfully launch all three off the roof, you can jump down to the ground and let the Dust Men kill you. Cole will respawn a block or two from the Coleridge Building. Having a place to retry over and over again to complete this stunt takes the most frustrating part of "Have a Nice Fall" out of the equation.
  • If you have already passed that mission or have finished the game, it would be a good idea to do it in the Neon District, because Reapers are the weakest of enemies, and one fall off a ledge results in their death. You can also achieve this stunt in the Karmic side mission series, "Dark Water."
    • End of Game Reapers Spawn: At Zeke's place, you have to come from the street behind the area where the fire escape is. Run up to where the fire escape is, blast the rusted spot on the ladder so it comes down, then climb it. By that time five Reapers will have appeared on the train tracks and can be thrown off. But as mentioned, it's still difficult to do because it's hard to get three of them to cluster together. NOTE: I have tested this and it is not random. Spawning locations are real and can be triggered in many areas so this will work if you want to try this. Another note is that even if you have taken over the entire city, you can still trigger the spawn points.
    • Another Spawn Point: Neon District, train station near the park. If you have activated the train just simply avoid it and ride the rails until you come up to the park area. By the time you're there three Reapers will be running up to you and you'll be able to chuck them off once you get close. If you mess up just ride the track all the way around the city and the Reapers will still be there to try and take you down. NOTE: Once you have taken over that district, however, they will no longer spawn there so try and avoid taking over that area until you've unlocked the stunt.
    • Another way to find some Reapers after you beat the game is to go to the area where you find the very first Dead Drop. Once in a while three Reapers will spawn at that point. HOWEVER, this spawn point is random and cannot be activated in any way so if you are lucky enough to find those three Reapers you should plan your strategy carefully because it's unlikely you'll see them again for a while if you mess up.
  • DIFFICULTY: Extremely Hard
  • EXP EARNED: 50xp

High Fall

  • STUNT: Simply knock an enemy off of a building top to its death.
  • TIP: Use the Electromagnetic Shockwave to throw an enemy off a building.
  • EXP EARNED: 10xp

Insult to Injury

  • STUNT: Insult to Injury is performed by killing an enemy with a Electromagnetic Shockwave or a head shock while a Shock Grenade is stuck to it.
  • TIP: Use a Shock Grenade then a Precision Lightning Bolt to the head to finish the enemy.
  • DIFFICULTY: Challenging
  • BONUS TIP: A really easy way to do this is to just stick a Scrap Crab then shoot it. Simple.
  • EXP EARNED: 25xp

Premature Detonation

  • STUNT: A Premature Detonation is performed by making a "Mad Bomber" enemy explode before they reach you and hurt another enemy with their explosion.
  • TIP: Just shoot a Mad Bomber with any attack other than Melee or the Gigawatt Blades. The best area to do this is around the prison in the Warren or in the sewers.
  • EXP EARNED: 25xp

Ride the Lightning

  • STUNT: Perform an enemy takedown in Precision mode while grinding a rail or wire.
  • TIP: Do this in the Neon District where you can kill enemies in one or two hits. Another strategy is that you can ride back and forth on one part of the rail and use Precision but you have to shoot in quick succession.
  • DIFFICULTY: Challenging
  • EXP EARNED: 5xp

Right Back At Ya

  • STUNT: Right Back At Ya is performed by causing an enemy to kill itself with its own grenade using the Electromagnetic Shockwave.
  • TIP: The Historic District is where you have to throw grenades back at the Grenade Bots. Also, in the Warren there are Dust Men who only use Grenade Launchers, giving you plenty of chances.
  • BONUS TIP: Go to the Neon District. Find a Reaper, hide behind cover, then when it takes out a grenade just run towards it. It won't throw very far and all you have to do is just aim at the ground with a Shockwave.
  • EXP EARNED: 20xp

Splash and Crash

  • STUNT: A Splash and Crash is performed by shooting an enemy with a Lightning Bolt in the air and then hitting that same enemy with a Thunder Drop.
  • TIP: Make sure you completely upgrade your Thunder Drop attack and then get to a high roof. Shoot the enemy with Precision Lightning Bolt while you are jumping off the building and then hit him with Thunder Drop. A strategy is to go on a high building with enemies chasing you. They'll crowd around the base.
  • DIFFICULTY: Challenging
  • EXP EARNED: 20xp

Sticky Bomb

  • STUNT: A Sticky Bomb is performed by killing an enemy by sticking a Shock Grenade to them.
  • TIP: Wait until an enemy sits still, or, just launch a whole bunch of them at an enemy or group of enemies. If you are still having trouble (i.e. judging distance, etc...) try practicing on civilians.
  • EXP EARNED: 15xp

Suspended Sentence

  • STUNT: A Suspended Sentence is performed by hitting an airborne enemy with a Lightning Storm.
  • TIP: This can be done by using Electromagnetic Shockwave (make sure you have the Reverse Magnetism upgrade if you're good so they'll float in the air) then performing a Lightning Storm.
  • BONUS TIP: If you're evil then a good place to do this would be Against the World when all the civilians are mind controlled. Simply jump off a building and lob a few in the air and then summon your Lightning Storm.
  • EXP EARNED: 30xp

Unquenchable Thirst

  • STUNT: Unquenchable Thirst is performed by riding four lines in a row without touching another surface.
  • TIP: This is easiest to do on the train tracks. Make sure when you are jumping from one pair of tracks to the next use Static Thrusters to ensure you reach it. The bridge between the Neon and the Warren is also a good place to do this, as there are a bunch of wires extending across the gap.
  • EXP EARNED: 10xp

Up Close and Personal

  • STUNT: Up Close and Personal is performed by defeating 5 enemies in a row only with Melee in under 30 seconds.
  • TIP: The stunt also works on civilians, so the easiest way to get it is to continuously take down and revive a single civilian.
    • This can also be done in the second mission "The Escape." When playing with Evil Karma, this is much easier as when you shock the riot police from inside the crowd, a riot starts and all you have to do is get inside the crowd and continuously press square! With Good Karma this is slightly harder as you will only be fighting the riot police.
    • Or alternatively you could simply kill 5 Scrap Crabs with Melee attacks.
    • Or you could use Gigawatt Blades on five enemies.
  • EXP EARNED: 50xp


Melee Finisher

  • STUNT: Melee Finisher is performed by killing an enemy with the last hit of a 5-hit Melee combo.
  • TIP: Do this in a big crowd of enemies until you get it. Another way is to hit one of the baggier Dust Men until you get a take down.
  • DIFFICULTY: Challenging
  • BONUS TIP: This is actually really easy. Just don't upgrade your melee, find a Reaper and just keep attacking. If you've already upgraded your melee to full then just go and attack a First Son.
  • EXP EARNED: 5xp