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Delsin, during his first subduing.

Subdue is a Good karma melee ability of Delsin's.


This power is introduced during "Parting of the Ways" story mission, after defeating the group of looters in the tunnel. With the last of the looters down, Delsin gets to choose between subduing his final adversary, or executing him.

This move allows him to overpower vulnerable or surrendering enemies (TriangleButton) with non-lethal methods. While subduing is considered as a good action, it should be noted, that subduing police officers won't give him any Good Karma (even if they are not hostile).

Outlook of this ability depends on power that he is currently using. There are only three variants of subduing opponents, since Concrete does not have one.

  • Smoke: Delsin pins his enemy to the ground, and restrains them with smoke cloud.
  • Neon: Delsin ties his enemy with neon snares.
  • Video: Delsin summons digital swords, in order to stick his adversary to the ground.


There is one upgrade for this ability, called Karmic Healing. It becomes available for Delsin after reaching the Champion karmic rank. After purchasing it for five Blast Shards, subduing enables him to regain energy from his enemy.


  • Even if Delsin is aligned to Evil karma, his subduing powers will be tinted in Good Karma colors.
  • This power is similar to Cole's Arc Restraint power, as the neon binds resemble the shackles Cole uses. With Smoke, civilians can be subdued for Evil Karma if they are caught in a Sulfur Bomb.
  • There is no way of subduing enemies with Concrete, despite the fact that Delsin actually uses this power in order to immobilize Augustine after the final battle.
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