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Alden Tate lifting the bus.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects using the mind. Alden Tate, John White (as the Beast) and the Dust Men Conduits have this ability. Cole MacGrath also possesses variations of this ability, though they rely on his mastery of Electromagnetism. Ice Crushers exhibit some form of Telekinesis, lifting ice spikes off the ground, and firing them at an opponent.

Different Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Alden Tate used his abilities to lift a bus and throw it onto a rooftop. He also used telekinesis to create a large "Golem" armor for himself as he fought Cole MacGrath. He may have used the ability to fly or at least slow his descent when he fell off the bridge to escape Cole.
  • Dust Men conduits can form metal around them to become metal "golems" granting them strength and durability. While fighting with this armor on, they can throw projectiles at a high speed, similar to a minigun, or use it to lift large objects and throw them at their targets.
  • Additionally, Armored Conduits can make smaller Scrap Crabs, to aid them in battle.
  • John White uses telekinesis to lift objects off the ground and pull them into a purple vortex in the palm of his hands, he can then throw this at enemies.
  • Cole can use electromagnetism to lift up large and heavy objects, and throw them towards a target.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Anything for Trish" is the only mission where Alden is seen directly using his telekinesis without his Golem armor on.
    • In the mission "The Arrest " you see through Cole's Psychic Vision that Alden used his telekinesis to pick up a car and crush a cop with it.
  • So far, only 2 main conduits have been seen using this ability; Alden and John. But there are conduits within the Dust Men who use telekinesis to hold their metal golem in place.
    • Cole has abilities similar to telekinesis, Electrokinesis, as seen by use of the Kinetic Pulse.
    • Cole also displays telekinetic use of magnetism in the Infamous (comics), where he uses electromagnetic tethers to throw military APC's, jet fuel canisters, and redirect missiles back at their shooters.
    • The Crusher conduits from the Ice Gang also have a form of telekinesis as they can lift and throw their own ice constructs, having them suspended in the air with nothing but their own powers.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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