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Telepathy is a power featured in Infamous.

About[edit | edit source]

Telepathy is the power to communicate with another being or affect their mind using means other than the known senses. The subject of telepathy either directly hears the voice of the telepath in their mind, or understands the idea the telepath is trying to get across to them. Some forms of telepathy may involve making some form of physical contact with the target.

Telepathy can be used to see a person's memories or to see from their perspective. Likewise it can also be used to imprint the user's memories into the affected person's mind. In addition it can be used to make the affected hallucinate or see visions of actual things from the user's perspective at the users discretion.

Sasha's telepathy, when enhanced by the hallucinogenic effects of her Black Tar, is powerful enough to completely bend people to her will. It also allows her to control the Reapers and give groups of them orders, through telepathy, meaning that the faction operates on a form of hive mind system.

Known Users[edit | edit source]

Lesser users[edit | edit source]

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