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Televisions are interactive items found across Empire City, New Marais and Seattle.

Empire City

During the events after the Empire City Blast, Cole could watch broadcasts from two different sources.


The official news, broadcast by USTV, presented a pro-government angle on the news. The anchorwoman Diane speaks of the government's "extensive relief efforts", and gives credit for Cole's many achievements within the city to the Government and Military.

Voice of Survival

The second broadcaster was the Voice of Survival, a TV jacker who believed Cole is a terrorist, responsible for the blast. His broadcasts centered around the continued need for help within the city and blaming Cole for everything that was going wrong. He gave the Empire City Police Department and the city's civilians credit for all of Cole's good deeds.

New Marais


TV New Marais

Cole watches TV in New Marais.

During Cole's time in New Marais, there are more USTV broadcasts, most relating to the Empire Event and the unnatural phenomenon destroying the eastern coastline of the country.

Militia Helpline

Joseph Bertrand III issued reports via television, warning the citizens of New Marais about Cole MacGrath and other "deviants." He urged the citizens to report any unusual incidents and to join his Militia, to ensure New Marais remained safe.


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  • Cole can use televisions as a source of electricity.
    • If Cole drains energy from a TV that is broadcasting USTV or Voice of Survival, the broadcast continues to play regardless of the lack of energy. This probably happens for story purposes so that it's not possible to miss the broadcast when draining the TV.
  • In Infamous 2, it is possible to destroy a TV with Kinetic Pulse during one of Bertrand's broadcasts.
  • In inFamous 2, the top right of the screen shows what is playing on the television, most likely for a clearer view for the players when most of the screens are obstructed by windows, although it only works for USTV broadcasts and not Bertrand propaganda broadcasts.
  • Also in inFamous 2, the civilians will crowd around the TV broadcast when it's playing.
  • In inFamous 2, it is possible to destroy a TV that's not contained behind a window.
  • In inFamous 2, if a television is on top of a non-static table, destroying one will immediately destroy the other.