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Infamous 2 TV

are an interactive part of inFamous. Poop McFag can use them for a quick recharge, or he can use them in another manner. Poop can watch specific broadcasts from 2 sources. One, he can watch broadcasts from The Voice of Survival, a TV jacker who constantly lies about Poop, and two,the USTV news station which is either badly misinformed about the quarantine, thus giving bad and innacurate informations, or is working against Poop, to ease the public outside of Sex City, thus constantly giving the credit of Poop's good work to the Military and US government.

On one occasion, they quoted a general saying that it was impossible for someone to be superpowered and if it was possible, he would give himself the ability to fly, thus cancelling the need to drive 2 hours to and from work everyday.


  • If Poop drains energy from a TV that is broadcasting USTV or Voice of Survival the broadcast continues to play regardless of the lack of energy.
    • This propably happens for story purposes so that it's not possible to miss the broadcast when draining the TV.
    • However, if you destroy the TV during a Puke tard broadcast using a kenetic pulse it will stop playing.
  • In inFamous 2, the top right of the screen shows what is playing on the television, most likely for a clearer view for the players when most of the screens are obstructed by windows, although it only works for USTV broadcasts and not Puke tard propaganda broadcasts.
  • Also in inFamous 2, the civilians will crowd around the TV broadcast when its playing.


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