This page contains usage information for Template:Icon.

Template for displaying small icons.


{{icon|name of icon}}


<unnamed 1>

Which icon should be displayed.

<unnamed 2> (optional)

Specifies size of the icon (defaults to height of 16px). Can either be set to one of the presets below or directly given as a px value (same syntax as for setting image size of a normal file link).
The presets are:
  • "small": Icons will be displayed at a height appropriate for tables, navboxes and infoboxes (12px).
  • "medium"/"normal": Icons will be displayed at 16px height.
  • "big": Icons will be displayed at 20px height.

tooltip (optional)

Tooltip text displayed when hovering over the icon. Overrides the icon's default text.

Available icons

Name of option Resulting icon
triangle triangle
square square
x x
circle circle
dpad dpad
u u
r r
d d
l l
l1 l1
l2 l2
l3 l3
r1 r1
r2 r2
r3 r3
start start
select select
lstick lstick
rstick rstick
optional optional
required required
semi-required semi-required
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