{{Infobox Character
|name          =
|image         =
|image_width   = 300px
|image_caption =
|full name     =
|affiliation/s =
|occupation/s  =
|power/s       =
|gender        =
|status        =
|voiced by     =
|appears in    =


All parameters are optional, since there are preset items that show if the parameter is blank. If this infobox is used, and the title for the infobox isn't the page's title, add

|full name              =

to the list of parameters to put the correct title.


{{Infobox Character 
|name          = Cole MacGrath
|image         = 9993654 1301010105.jpg
|image_width   = 300px
|image_caption = Cole, as he appears in [[Infamous 2]]
|full name     = Cole MacGrath
|affiliation/s = Solo<br />[[DARPA]]<br />[[Empire City Police]] ([[Karma|Good Karma]])<br />[[Reapers]] ([[Karma|Evil Karma]])
|occupation/s  = Bike Courier<br />Conduit
|power/s       = [[Electrokinesis]], <br /> [[Cryokinesis]] ([[Karma|Good Karma]]) <br /> [[Pyrokinesis|Napalm]] ([[Karma|Evil Karma]])
|gender        = Male
|status        = Alive
|voiced by     = Jason Cottle ([[Infamous]])<br />Eric Ladin ([[Infamous 2]])
|appears in    =Infamous<br />[[Infamous: Post Blast]]<br />Infamous 2

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