This page contains usage information for Template:Infobox File.

This template is used to provide information for files.


Place the following on the file's page:

{{Infobox file
|description = 
|source      = 
|author      = 
|other       = 
|licensing   = 


Icon required
A brief description of the file. Include links to any subjects mentioned.
Icon required
The InFAMOUS media from which the file originates. If the file was obtained from a news article or other external website, provide the URL to the webpage containing the file (not the direct link to the file).
Icon optional
The individual or company that created the file. For game images, this will be either Sucker Punch Productions. For other types of files, specify the author as necessary.
Icon optional
Any other relevant information pertaining to the file.
Icon optional
The license that the file is used under. This parameter defaults to a fair use rationale, so it can be omitted most of the time. See below for other valid inputs:
  1. gfdl for GNU Free Documentation License files
  2. cc by-sa for files originally found on Wikimedia projects, or for other files licensed under the CC BY-SA
  3. pd for files in the public domain
  4. permission for files that you have the copyright holder's permission to use, or for files that you created yourself
Icon optional
(default: "3.0")
The CC BY-SA license version that the file is used under. This parameter is only applicable when licensing has been specified as "cc by-sa".
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