{{Infobox Location
|name        =
|image       =
|caption     =
|climate     =
|country     =
|residents   =
|subloc      =
|appearances =


All parameters are optional, since there are preset items that show if the parameter is blank. If this infobox is used, and the title for the infobox is not the page's title, add

|full name =

to the list of parameters to put the correct title.


{{Infobox Location
|name        = New Marais
|image       = New Marais.png
|caption     = New Marais from Infamous 2
|climate     = Dry
|country     = United States
|residents   = [[Lucy Kuo]] <br> [[Nix]] <br> [[Rosco Laroche]] <br> [[Rebels]]
|subloc      = [[Ville Cochon]] <br> [[Ascension Parish]] <br> [[Flood Town]] <br> [[Gas Works]]
|appearances = ''[[Infamous 2]]'' <br> ''[[Infamous: Festival of Blood]]''

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