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Dust Men Party

Dust Men celebrating at Tent City.

Tent City is the unofficial name coined by Cole MacGrath for the Dust Men's massive junkyard complex within the Warren.


Tent city is a similar yet marginally smaller base where Alden Tate took Zeke Dunbar after he captured him. Cole enters Tent City to steal the Ray Sphere from Alden, along with Zeke. Cole encounters a Golem for the first time in the central square and faces off against Alden and the Dust Men at the top of the nearby tower of junk, facing Golems and extra Dust Men reinforcements. Zeke gets his hands on the Ray Sphere and activates it to gain his own powers. When nothing happens, he heads off with Kessler and the entire tower collapses.

Tent City is still accessible to Cole after the tower's destruction, if only to find the numerous Blast Shards hidden within, which, specifically, are thirteen. He also refers to it as a Shanty Town made of trash.


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