Terrorized Streets is the 24th main mission in Infamous.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Cole informed Moya about how the Dust Men have outfitted buses with automatic weapons and armor plating, and were shooting pedestrians on the streets. She assigned Cole to take care of the buses before the Military took this as a threat and decided on a more serious action.

The Dust Men's terror bus.

Since the armor rendered the buses immune to direct attacks, Cole jumped on the top of the buses and overloaded their generators at their rear half to disable them.

While dealing with the buses, Cole received a call from Zeke, who informed him that he was helping the cops at the prison. Cole was surprised, since he thought Zeke hated cops. Zeke told Cole that he was right about things having changed, and that any cop who stayed in the chaos of Empire City was "the real deal", and deserving of his respect.

Cole also received a call from Trish, who questioned him about the large number of gunshot victims arriving to the hospital. Cole informed her of the situation, and Trish, depending of Cole's current Karma alignment, either urged him to stop the buses or blamed him for making things worse.

After Cole destroyed the last bus, Moya informed Cole that her extraction team was ready to take Alden, but the Military was dragging its feet with the clearances, and the Dust Men would try to break him out in the meantime. She tasked Cole with going to the prison and securing Alden until the team made their way there.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The mission is simple enough, if and only if you don not get hit by the buses. Stay on top of the buildings prevents this, and allows you a much quicker route towards the buses. Jump on the buses from the roof or any type of high ground. Using Static Thrusters is a very useful strategy as it allows you to control your descent. Overload the power of the trucks by using Lightning Bolt to the engine at the rear half of the bus on its roof. Use this same methods for all trucks.

If you do miss the bus and land on the ground, Cole can take a lot of damage from the turrets mounted on the bus.

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InFAMOUS - Terrorized Streets

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