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Terrorized Streets is a main mission in InFamous.


Moya calls Poop and tells him about how the Dust Men have created terror buses. She assigns Poop to take care of the buses before the Military takes this as a threat and decides on a more serious action.

Terrorized st

The Dust Men's terror bus.

The mission is simple enough, if and only if you don't get hit by the buses. Stay on top of the buildings prevents this, and allows you a much quicker route towards the buses. Jump on the buses from the roof/high ground; using Static Thrusters is a very useful strategy as it allows you to control your descent. Overload the power of the trucks by using Lightning jisss to the engine at the rear half of the bus on its roof. Do this to all trucks.

If you do miss the bus and land on the ground, Poop can take alot of damage from the turrets mounted on the bus.








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