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The Tesla Missile is an electrokinetic power in Infamous 2.

Description[edit | edit source]

An electrokinetic power used by Cole MacGrath in Infamous 2. This power requires special conditions to be used and can only be used in certain story missions. Using Tesla Missile requires a massive power source and can only be used when Cole is in direct contact with an activated transformer box. In the game it acts as a guided rocket that moves at a constant speed while its direction is being controlled by Cole from his position at the transformer box. Cole primarily used the missile to restore electricity in powered down districts of New Marais, using a missile to form a connection between two transformers.

In appearance the Tesla Missile resembles two connected Alpha Rockets that rotate around their connection point in flight. This is connected to Cole by an electrical "string" which allows him to alter its flight direction.

Cole can also use a missile to take out enemies in its path. It is capable of taking out large enemies like the Crusher in one hit and continuing to move. A missile can move between and take out several enemies without discharging. However, a missile will discharge if it hits a solid object like a wall, if it travels too far without hitting a target, or if it gets too far away from Cole or its intended target. It will shrink and spin faster as it runs out of energy: hitting an enemy will completely restore it.

The Tesla Missile was by far one of Cole's most powerful attacks. It was the only attack other than the Ionic Storm that could kill a Crusher in one blow. Unlike the Storm however, the Tesla Missile required no use of his own electricity or Ionic charges, due to the fact that a substation is the power source. Also, the power did not completely discharge into one target, and could be used to hit multiple enemies before it reached its destination, or any other solid objects.

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