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Tesla Missile

Powering Up Ascension Parish 3
A Tesla Missile in flight
Attributed to: Electrokinesis
Upgradeable: No
Appears in: inFamous 2

The Tesla Missile is an electrokinetic power in InFamous 2.


As Cole MacGrath in InFamous 2 struggles to look for a way to power back up New Marais's electrical system, he uses the Tesla Missile as a last resort to do so. Because this power is beyond Cole's accessable power, he has to tap in an enormous source which is that of an activated transformer box, or something else close to that. Also, since the Tesla Missile is so special, it can only be used within the story portion of the game whereas other means are impossible.

While this missile appears different, it is basically a wire-guided missile that looks like a Tripwire Rocket orbitting around a central point. While Cole touches the transformer with one hand, he connects with the projectile and utilizes a mental sense in order for him to control the flight path. Its curvature is tight and could slow down its speed but its damage output is very potent compared to the standard rockets, like blasting huge enemies such as the Crusher in one hit and its source can be continued if it takes out enemies. The missile has many downsides like going a certain distance before it shrinks, but it's perfect for accumulating EXP/karma points. Also, if the player wishes to cancel out the missile's flight, they can risk its use by slamming it to a wall or solid surface to explode in electrical sparks.

The Tesla Missile could in theory be used by sufficient sources like an electrical storm or Power Plant due to enough energy to produce one, but Cole only needed it for a 'Nexus' in a city's power system while clearing out enemies from an area. While in damage, it could've defeated the Beast with several shots but it was saved for certain points in the story.




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